Lenovo Smart Frame is a 21-inch modern and beautiful digital picture frame

Lenovo Smart Frame
Lenovo Smart Frame (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Lenovo Smart Frame is a digital display inside a picture frame, made to show off artwork or photos.
  • The Smart Frame will show recent memories, and can even create collages of photos stored on your Lenovo cloud.
  • $399 gets you a 21.5-inch display with the choice of a number of colors and materials for the frame.

Are you like most people and take way too many pictures with your smartphone, only to later never see or do anything with them again? The Lenovo Smart Frame is designed to fix that very problem by displaying the pictures you take every day in a picture frame that can be hung on the walls of your home. If you've ever used a Nest Hub or a Lenovo Smart Display, you'll know how amazing it is to come home and see the memories of recent events displayed right on your kitchen counter or living room coffee table.

But instead of having a tiny screen and a cord hanging off a table, why not take this concept and put it in a much larger, aesthetically pleasing picture frame that can easily rotate to best fit portrait or landscape shots — and the frame knows its orientation, so it won't ever accidentally show un-rotated photos. The mounting bracket is dead-simple with a built-in level and cable management so you can make a clean install. The main frame itself is just a white bezel, and comes with a basic plastic framing by default — an extra $39 upgrades you to a wood frame design that looks really nice (and you can quickly swap them back and forth).

While the image of a digital picture frame may conjure up bad memories of garbage displays of yore, the Lenovo Smart Frame follows in the footsteps of the excellent Lenovo Smart Displays and the Nest Hubs by offering a super high-quality display that looks just like a printed picture. Unlike the aforementioned products though, the Lenovo Smart Frame features a matte finish and an anti-glare layer, giving it a more museum-like quality that does your photos justice.

It also sports a color tone sensor that can automatically adjust the screens color temperature and brightness for the best display experience in any kind of lighting condition. Along with a color tone sensor, the Lenovo Smart Frame packs in a motion sensor that makes swiping through and pausing imagery as easy as waving your hand, much in the way Google implemented gestures on the Pixel 4. That means you won't smudge up your frame or accidentally mess up the feng shui that comes with perfectly straight frames hanging on your walls.

Source: Andrew Martonik / Android Central

Lenovo has also outfitted the Smart Frame has a built-in AI that will choose the best photos available from what's stored on your personal Lenovo cloud account. The Lenovo Smart Frame also features automatic digital collages, a first in this industry segment. With this feature, the Lenovo Smart Frame will automatically create collages to best display more than one photo at a time. Lenovo has not mentioned Google Photos integration as its other smart displays feature, but it's likely that they're working on that feature, hopefully in time for the product launch.

You'll even be able to choose from hundreds of pieces of art to display if your own photos aren't up to snuff. That makes holiday or seasonal decorating as easy as pressing a button in the Lenovo app. The 21.5-inch Lenovo Smart Frame will go on sale in August 2020 and start at $399.

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