Best LG V40 Cases Android Central 2019

If you just picked up an LG V40, you're probably chomping at the bit to start messing around with your new phone. We don't blame you, but before you get too far ahead of yourself, you should probably pick up a case. Bad things can happen to any phone, but a glass backs like the V40's makes it even more prone to cracks and scratches. Give your phone the protection it deserves with these diverse, dashing, and deliciously affordable cases.

Slim, stylish, protective: Dretal Shock Resistant Case

Dretal makes great cases for just about every phone, and with the V40, that's no different. Dretal's case comes in five striking colors, features a durable TPU material, and has a stylish design that's both slim and shock-resistant.

$8 at Amazon

Leather wallet case: Free-Case Leather Wallet Case

What's better than a wallet case? A wallet case made out of genuine leather! This case has an incredibly sleek design, can hold both cards and cash, and can be used to prop up the V40 for impromptu video streaming.

$14 at Amazon

Rugged option: Sucnakp Protective Case

If you have butterfingers when it comes to smartphones, do yourself a favor and get this case from Sucnakp. It features precise button cutouts, four scratch-resistant color options, and a 3-year satisfaction guarantee.

$9 at Amazon

All the protection: Tevero Heavy Duty Kickstand Case

For folks that want their phone to withstand just about anything, outfit your V40 with this. This shock-resistant kickstand case bodyguards the phone against a variety of situations, and the belt clip gives you quick and easy access to your phone at any time.

$9 at Amazon

Hey good looking: Ringke Fusion-X

Ringke's Fusion-X is just about one of the coolest V40 cases you'll find. It's clear design and TPU bumpers not only look great but also keep your handset safe against whatever you throw at it (or you throw it at) thanks to a MIL-STD 810G military grade certification.

$12 at Amazon

Clear and simple: Ringke Fusion

The V40 is a gorgeous phone, and if you don't want to cover up its beauty, Ringke's Fusion case will keep it safe while also still allowing you to flaunt the V40's good looks. There's a dual-layer design and air bumpers on all four corners for maximum safety.

$8 at Amazon

Tough as nails: Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen's one of our all-time favorite case manufacturers, and one of the best in its lineup is the Tough Armor. A TPU and polycarbonate dual-layer design offers the utmost protection, there are rugged covers for all of the buttons, and there's even a fold-flat kickstand on the back.

$18 at Amazon

Dual-layer goodness: ASMART Armor Defender Case

If you don't care about having a kickstand but still want a dual-layer design, you can save a few bucks and pick up this case from ASMART. Available in three colors, ASMART's case provides excellent grip and a soft TPU bumper that does a great job at absorbing the impact of any drops/falls.

$8 at Amazon

Like nothing's even there: Arkour Ultra Thin Slim Fit

If you'd rather have a lightly-protected slim phone than a bulky tank of a case, Arkour has exactly what you need. It offers good coverage against scratches and minor drops in 9 brilliant colors, with a barely-there thinness that makes the case feel invisible in the hand.

$12 at Amazon

LG really did knock it out of the park with the V40's design, but even so, it's not worth carrying the phone naked to end up dropping it and smashing its gorgeous glass back (or front). If you want to keep its natural beauty visible but protected, the Ringke Fusion is a great choice. Otherwise, you can't go wrong with the Dretal Shock Resistant Case or Free-Case Leather Wallet Case.

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