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The best camera apps for the Samsung Galaxy S6

There's little argument that the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is phenomenal, so let's find ways to get the most out of it. We've scoured the Play Store to find the best Android camera apps out there so you can produce great shots quickly and painlessly.

The stock S6 app will optimize for the device's camera better than anything else out there, and Google Camera is an obvious pick (especially if you're hooked on Photo Spheres), but third-party options are always welcome. Keep in mind we're focusing on apps that are handling the actual picture-taking experience. There are other apps that do editing after the fact, but only incidentally have a shortcut for launching into the camera.

These camera apps aren't exclusive to the Galaxy S6 by any means. Odds are you'll find something useful here regardless of which Android phone you're packing.

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Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX has been a mainstay camera app for a long time. Hardware buttons can be remapped to take a shot, or you can just tap anywhere on the screen to shoot (handy for shooting selfies blind). Burst mode, HDR support, voice activated shutter, and software stabilization help you shoot in a variety of circumstances. A timelapse function helps you make animated GIFs. On the post-processing side, there are plenty of bundled filters, and additional themed asset packs available for download. Of course manual controls for ISO levels and white balance are included. Some features will require a $2.99 upgrade to the premium version, but even the free one should meet most of your needs.

Download Camer ZOOM FX in the Play Store (opens in new tab)


Camera360 is another massively popular camera app for Android. On top of fine-tuning ISO, contrast, and brightness settings as you shoot, a wide range of filters are available, which can be previewed on the screen before taking your picture. If you aren't using any automatic image back-up, Camera360 has a free and premium service for keeping shots safe in the cloud. Overall the interface is quite modern and sharp. The core app is free, with premium effects available through an in-app store.

Download Camera360 in the Play Store (opens in new tab)

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is serious business. Automatic exposure bracketing, long exposure, time lapse, EXIF data, and a wide range of composition guides are just some of the goodies available for those that know what they're doing. Large, visible interface elements are very much in the style of a big-boy SLR. On-screen elements for ISO, f-stop, and shutter speed help you stay informed before taking the shot. The free version of FV-5 is feature complete, except it's limited by resolution. You'll need to pay $3.95 to upgrade and lift the limit.

Download Camera FV-5 in the Play Store (opens in new tab)

Manual Camera

Manual Camera for Android

Manual Camera provides clean, precision control over your shots. A handy dial interface helps you adjust shutter time, white balance, ISO, and exposure with minimal fiddling. You find a lot here in terms of post-processing, like filters or cropping, but depending on your sensibilities, this might be a good thing.

Download Manual Camera in the Play Store (opens in new tab)

A Better Camera

A Better Camera offers a full suite of camera utilities in a simple, clean interface. Unlike a lot of camera apps, you can shoot video with A Better Camera, including timelapse. Standard modes like Panorama and Night shot are there, plus some fancier ones like Best Shot which will pick out the sharpest picture in a burst, and Pre-shot, which will include images before you hit the shutter button to make sure you get the right moment.

Download A Better Camera from the Play Store (opens in new tab)

Your favorite camera apps for the Samsung Galaxy S6?

That's a sampling of the best camera apps available, but what are you using on your Samsung Galaxy S6 to take pictures? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Why would people want to use inferior quality cameras on the S6? Most people look for cameras like these when on AOSP ROMs, and usually the quality is no where near as good as stock.
  • camera FV-5 isnt that great and even worse is the help they provide when any event manual camera takes better pics
  • Wait a month and check out Cortex Camera. It's the best photography app in mobile history.
  • Does anyone know of an app that will give the remote viewfinder functionality of the Galaxy S4? I have seen a couple apps out there that do this, but they really suck because they primarily connect with Bluetooth instead of wifi. I'm hoping there's something better out there and I've asked Samsung to bring back the remote viewfinder functionality, but I have not heard anything back from them of course. I don't see why they couldn't add it to one of the downloadable features like the other camera modes on the S6. I still can't believe they removed this feature from the S6. I miss it everyday.
  • I have the ATT variant, but I can't get Manual Camera to work. It crashes every. single. time. Before I can even see any part of the app. Help?!
  • Mine does the same.. I'm not using it till its fixed Posted via the Android Central App
  • I like Open Camera.
  • Does anyone know if it's possible to download the "blur" feature that was on the Note 4 but not on the S6? The feature highlighted the subject and the rest of the frame was blurred. Bummed it's not on the S6!
  • I'm looking for a camera app for Samsung Galaxy S6 which allows me to generate picture sizes to attach to email. The app provided does not allow you to select any alternate pic size/pixels. I now have to modify pics taken on my phone using paint in windows to resize my pics before I can email them. They are too large to attach without resizing.