Best Buy offers $50 discount on LG G Watch ahead of G Watch R's release

In light of LG's pre-IFA announcement of the circular G Watch R, Best Buy is now offering a $50 sale on both the white and black editions of the original G Watch. With the savings, either model will cost customers $179, which could help spur sales of the square form factor Android Wear wristwatch as consumer interest seems to be skewing towards a more classical circular watch shape.

The price cut comes just months after the LG G Watch's debut. The watch was one of the first to be announced using Google's Android Wear platform for smartwatches and competes in the same space as the Samsung Gear Live and the highly anticipated Moto 360 from Motorola.

Will the $50 savings from the $229 original price tag sway you into trying a square-shaped G Watch? Or do you have your eyes, and your wrist, set on a round Moto 360 or the newly announced LG G Watch R? Let us know if you make the splurge at Best Buy.

Source: Best Buy

Chuong H Nguyen