Best Bands for Amazfit Bip Android Central 2021

If you've recently invested in an Amazfit Bip smartwatch, you're probably wading through all the accessory options to make it truly your own. Or maybe you've had one for a while now, and it's time for a new band. Either way, choosing the right band is crucial, so make sure you fully explore your options before reaching a decision.

Troyalroom silicone band

Perfectly permeable: Troyalroom Silicone Watch Band

Staff pick

When you're an athletic individual, it's important to choose band that can move with you. This two-tone silicone band is soft and durable, but more importantly, it feels comfortable on your wrist. It'll also be perfectly permeable as you work out so your wrist can breathe freely. There are six unique colors to choose from.

$7 at Amazon
SIKAI CASE nylon sport loop band

Comfortable cushioning: SIKAI CASE Nylon Sport Loop Watch Band

This nylon sport loop band is ultra-soft, yet it remains sturdy on the wrist. You'll love the hook-and-loop fastener that allows quick and easy adjustments. Not to mention, the double-layer nylon weave has dense loops that will provide you with d soft cushioning while allowing moisture to escape.

$11 at Amazon
Fullmosa leather band

Unbelievably breathable: Fullmosa Leather Watch Band

When you're looking to stand out, go with this ultra-thin leather band. It's crafted from upscale cowhide so you can count it to be soft and lightweight. What makes this band unique is the hollowed-out design with perforated ventilation holes, so your wrist can maintain breathable comfort at all times.

$13 at Amazon
Aresh stainless steel band

Endless elegance: Aresh Stainless Steel Watch Band

If it's an elegant vibe you're going for, you'll love this stainless steel band from Aresh. The band is made with high-quality stainles steel material that's complete with a matte metal finish. Your purchase also comes with three additional pins and a removal tools for achieving the perfect fit.

$18 at Amazon
ECSEM silicone band

Built for durability: ECSEM Silicone Wach Band

This soft silicone band offers the durability and comfort you need to go the distance with your smartwatch. The unique textured finish adds a stylish touch. Most importantly, the design is both waterproof and sweatproof, so it can handle whatever activity you have in mind. Not to mention it comes with a low price tag!

$6 at Amazon
Veczom Ticwatch s2 e2 band

Get creative: Veczom Silicone Soft Rubber Watch Band

Want to get creative with your Amazfit Bip? If so, choose one of these unique silicone bands from Veczom. The premium material offers a unique two-tone design in vibrant colors and patterns. The soft silicone material is lightweight, flexible, and skin-friendly so you won't have to worry about irritation.

$10 at Amazon
Kartice leather band

High-quality luxury: Kartice Genuine Leather Watch Band

If you're a leather fan but would prefer a traditional design without the holes, this band was made just for you. It's smooth and flexible on the wrist thanks to the genuine cowhide leather. If you want options, you can choose from three luxurious colors. It also comes with a premium stainless steel buckle.

$15 at Amazon
SIKAI CASE nylon band

Cozy and colorful: SIKAI CASE Woven Nylon Watch Band

For those who like the nylon material but prefer a classic buckle over the hook-and-loop style, this one will catch your eye. Plus, it comes in a wide range of colors so you can be original with your smartwatch. It's made of skin-friendly woven nylon, so it's anti-sweat and allows your wrist to breathe.

$11 at Amazon

Decision time

When it comes time to narrow it down, consider your lifestyle before choosing a band. Do you need something that's going to be lightweight, flexible, and permeable on your wrist? If so, we recommend the Troyalroom silicone watch band. In addition to offering a simple pin-and-tuck closure design, it's also permeable and offers maximum breathability. If you're an extremely active person, this might be the superior choice. After all, maximum airflow is essential when you're always on the run.

If it's nylon material you're after, we would choose the SIKAI CASE nylon sport loop watch band. The soft cushioning is kind to your skin, but it also serves a higher purpose, which is allowing moisture to escape rather than getting trapped and causing irritation. You'll be in good hands with the hook-and-loop fastener for quick and easy adjustments while also keeping your smartwatch secure.

Some people prefer a more stylish band for their Amazfit Bip. If that's you, you might prefer the Kartice genuine leather watch band. You'll have ample ventilation with the air hole design while still maintaining a traditional smartwatch look with the genuine leather material.

All of the bands listed here are great options, and there's plenty more where that came from. Best of luck in your search!

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