'Berry pink' Galaxy Note launches in Korea

If the one thing standing in the way of your buying a Galaxy Note was the lack of a garish pink shell, then you'll be pleased to see that Samsung has addressed your concerns with today's launch of the Note in "berry pink" in South Korea. It's unclear whether Samsung plans to plans to bring this model to international markets, but for now it says it's targeting "the female consumer and the younger generation" with the new pink Note. Naturally, it includes a equally pink "S Pen" stylus and optional pink protective cover. The pink version will join the white and "carbon blue" versions which have been available since late October 2011.

Perhaps a little more interesting to smartphone nerds outside of Korea is the appearance of ICS-based software in today's promotional images for the pink Note -- that's unmistakably the ICS, not Gingerbread search widget in the image above. Then again, we've known for some time that the Note is due an update to Android 4.0, so it's not too surprising to see the updated software shown off in a promotional shot.

The "berry pink" Samsung Galaxy Note launches today in stores across South Korea.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (Korean) (opens in new tab)

Alex Dobie
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  • for some odd reason i read Berry Pink as Pink Berry.
  • While pink is not my cup of tea (maybe a pink cover for Valentines Day or Breast Cancer Awareness Day, but otherwise, no.), I do like the way the Note can be color-customized with a flip cover. Samsung makes white, black, brown, and now, apparently, pink covers that snap on in place of the battery cover and have a flip cover for the screen. They even includes an auxiliary antenna to improve reception.
    The only problem is that they're a little expensive, so you probably don't want to get all of them :(
  • Umm sorry, its not a cover. Its actually a fully pink version of the Note and with a pink cover. I'd like to sea this in other colors. Black and White phones are boring. The Carbon blue version is nice, but its almost too dark. Dark green, or how about doing what NikeID.com does, like customizing your phone. I'd like that For the best cases for ANY phone try tridentcase.com best ever hands down!
  • I like the little protective cover.
  • If they make a yellow Note with a dark gray cover, I might go for it. I miss that retro "shock-proof cassette Walkman" color scheme.
  • why not a matching baby blue metallic for the guys?
  • Come on Verizon, get your %@#$ together and get the Note.
  • Want! Must have the PINK!!!