Beat Saber is releasing two free remix tracks for its fourth anniversary

Beat Saber Fourth Anniversary
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What you need to know: 

  • Beat Saber is four years old and two free remixes of two of Jaroslav Beck's Vol. 1 classics will appear in the game. 
  • The new tracks include a remix of Beck's "Escape" by EDM DJ Tokyo Machine and "$100 Bills" by Camellia. 

The cube slicing, virtual rhythm game Beat Saber from Beat Games turns four this year. Meta and Beat Games, the Czech Republic-based studio that created the game, are adding two new remixes of Jaroslav Beck's classic tracks from the game's very first volume of music. 

Meta announced on its official blog that EDM DJ Tokyo Machine and Japanese composer Camellia recorded two remixes of Beck's "Escape" and "$100 Bills" ("$215 Remix") respectively for this free fourth-anniversary pack. The tracks will appear in the Extras section of the game for Oculus Quest and Rift headsets following a brief update. 

Beat Saber isn't just getting some new sounds for its birthday. It's also getting a new look. The new update also includes a new birthday-themed environment dubbed The Second. The new room is also a remix of the original OST 1 environment The First with new ceiling banners and a neon birthday cake sign on the far back wall. 

Beat Saber anniversary level

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Beck's music is one of the biggest contributors to Beat Saber's success. The beats that Beck, the former chief executive officer of Beat Games who left to focus on music, recorded for the game's first volume have an addictive sound and offer some of the game's most fun challenges that are sure to make your muscles ache and heart race. Camellia told the Meta blog that he chose to remix "$100 Bucks" into "$215 Bucks" from Vol. 1 because "it was a banger, of course!" 

"Among those sick tracks, '$100 Bills' is really straightforward and simple," Camellia said. "That means I can flip the idea to something easier during the process of remixing, rather than a complex one. And I still have a lot of room to play with the rhythm and iconic vocals." 

Beat Saber has racked up an impressive library of songs to slash blocks to in its four years on virtual reality headsets. The Electronic Mixtape DLC pack released in May added songs from some huge EDM names like Darude's Sandstorm, Marshmallow's Alone, Fatboy Slim's The Rockafeller Skank and Deadmau5's Ghosts 'n' Stuff. 

Beat Saber is also one of the most successful VR game franchises. It's still sitting on the list of "Top Selling" games in the Oculus store, and we consider it one of the best Oculus Quest 2 games on the console, period.

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