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Oh, and two tickets to an NBA or NHL game, too!

OK, folks. BlackBerry's looking to spread the word about BBM on Android and iOS — and they're willing put their money where their mouth is. Ol' BB's giving away a trip for two to Toronto and Waterloo — the former for either a Toronto Raptors NBA game or a Maple Leafs NHL game. Plus, you'll jaunt on over BlackBerry HQ in Waterloo to meet up with the BBM team, as well as get a guided tour of the city.

Sound good? Want to enter? Keep on keepin' on for the rules and entry requirements.

What You Need to Do

Create a video ad showing off cross-platform BBM. You're essentially creating a TV commercial so you need to get the message across and do it well. Show BBM chats, file sharing, groups, delivery and read notifications — whatever you want. The goal is to make people want to run to and download BBM on their device.

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You can show off the actual app, a video of your friends using BBM, a funny skit ... whatever you think will make your BBM ad reign supreme. 

Here's an example:

You can certainly do better than that, right?

The Details

Your video should be no longer than one minute and needs to show at least one of the following:

  • Creative way to tell your friends to get BBM
  • Show some of the key differentiators of BBM vs. WhatsApp or other IM clients as reasons why to download BBM
  • Show fun/creative ways to share your PIN with your friends

Other than that there are no constraints — though you will need a passport if you're not Canadian — so go nuts. We'll be looking at how well you get the message across, how good your video looks and how much awesome it's packing. 

At the end of the entry period we'll be picking the one video that we think is the best of them all.

Grand Prize

One grand prize winner will receive a BBM prize pack that includes:

  • Round trip for two (2) to Toronto to attend a Toronto Maple Leafs OR Toronto Raptors game
  • A visit to BlackBerry HQ at Waterloo to meet the BBM team
  • A guided tour of the city with BlackBerry's Alex Kinsella

How To Enter

Create your video and then send us a link to the file (Dropbox, Box, etc)  so we can download it. Submit your entries to before midnight PST on Nov. 30. One entry per person, please.

The competition will be tough as we're running this one on iMore and CrackBerry as well, so keep that in mind as we'll only be picking one grand-prize winner.