BB-8 by Sphero

We've been messing with BB-8 by Sphero for a few hours now, and having a ton of fun patrolling the office and racing with the other Sphero robots we have in the office. If you're a fan of Star Wars, particularly the upcoming Force Awakens movie, this is undoubtedly going to be the toy to buy this year. Unfortunately, those of us running Android are going to have to wait a little while for one of the coolest things this rolling orange robot can do.

In the promo video for BB-8 by Sphero, you see a demonstration of voice commands for the little robot. They work great, you can have BB-8 look around and patrol an area, move forwards and backwards, and even shout "it's a trap!" and have the little droid scurry off at max speed in whatever direction it is currently facing. Unfortunately, none of these voice commands work on Android just yet. In fact, the button to enable the feature isn't in the app settings at all, which is weird when you can see mention of voice actions in the BB-8 app description on the Play Store before the app was pulled (currently the APK is available on the Sphero website ).

BB-8 Play Store

While this is a bummer to anyone who plans on rushing out to pick one of these robots up tomorrow, there's no need to worry. Orbotix will be releasing an update to the BB-8 app for Android once the feature is ready. In the mean time, start picking out where you want the charging dock to live. It needs to be somewhere you can see when the little docked robot has something to say.

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