Barnes & Noble updates Nook reading app

Not to be overshadowed by all of the recent Amazon news, Barnes & Noble is following up on its latest Nook hardware announcements with an updated Nook reading app for Android (and yes, iOS). This update to version 3.2 of the app adds lots of good features, including zooming for comic books, improved fonts and margins, a full dictionary and a fix for pre-ordering with the app.

Many people have pretty much locked themselves into Amazon if they're big book readers, but if you've yet to lock yourself into a certain book ecosystem, it's always worth looking into all options before taking that plunge.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • When they update it to support E-Text books for college students then I will use this app more.
  • THANK YOU! My 5 ton accounting textbook was available on Amazon for the Kindle Fire, PC, and iPad, yet not for my nexus 7 (despite the fact that it has the same size screen as the fire, so that doesn't constitute an excuse). And really? You support the iPad but not an Android tablet? Which is closer to your own tablet in every single way? These companies needs to let textbooks onto our Android devices...
  • I actually use the Nook app on my One X more often than I use my Nook itself. The app is very much an improvement.
  • With the Nook and Kindle apps there is no reason you have to be locked in to either ecosystem. You can enjoy both with no investment. With a little research you can move your books to any platform.
  • Great Article!!
  • The most recent update puts the Archive function in a much less accessible location. I've no idea why they didn't leave it where it was. I adore my Nook, I really do, but I feel a little frustration over the fact that I feel they keep reducing functionality in the Android app that I use (such as tweeting quotes from books, which hasn't been available for several iterations now). They need a usability expert, stat.