Automatic opens the door to developers as new hardware hits the road

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Automatic has introduced the second generation of its smart driving assistant hardware, which allows you to stream data over Bluetooth to the Automatic app and a third-party app at the same time. The new hardware features real-time streaming of car performance data, built-in GPS, and an improved connector.

To help users find more third-party apps that work with Automatic, the company has created the Automatic App Gallery. The apps currently featured help connect your Automatic to the rest of your digital life through your Android device:

The Automatic App Gallery features over twenty 3rd party apps for every kind of driver. Whether you expense your mileage for work, geek out over your car's performance and driving stats, or just want your car to connect to the rest of your digital life, there's an app for you – all powered by Automatic.

Going along with the app gallery, Automatic has launched an SDK for developers. The SDK gives developers access to several different types of data. It includes APIs for getting information on mileage and routes and car events like when the ignition is turned on, and developers can take advantage of the new Automatic hardware to build apps for real-time data streaming.

The new Automatic hardware, App Gallery, and SDK are all available now.

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