Call Screen on Pixel phones can now record call audio

Google Pixel 4
Google Pixel 4 (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Automatic Call Screen is now rolling out to Pixel 4 users.
  • Call Screen is also gaining a new feature to record call audio.
  • The new automatic Call Screen feature should come to older Pixel phones running Android 10 in the coming weeks.

One of the biggest highlights of the first Pixel feature drop on December 9, was the update to Call Screen. With the update, Call Screen has now gained the ability to automatically screen calls for you, something that should help save you from all of the endless robocalls we receive these days. I myself receive up to 4-5 of these calls a day, and at this point, anything that could help is extremely welcomed.

The feature has already begun rolling out to Pixel 4 phones, and it has been said that Automatic Call Screen will be expanding to all Pixel phones running Android 10 in the coming weeks. Once it rolls out to your Pixel phone, there will be some new options to help you more granularly control which calls are screened and which are not.

Source: Android Police

Detected spam calls are set to be silently declined, while first-time callers, private and hidden numbers, and possible fake numbers provide some more options. By default, all of these will be set to ring your phone. However, if you choose, you can enable them to be automatically screened and Assistant will intercept them to detect if it is a real person or robocall. If it is a robocall, then it will be automatically declined never ringing your phone.

If the caller is a real person, then Call Screen will do its thing and give you some more info and context with the option to answer the call.

Along with these new options, Call Screen also gained something new in the settings that users have been asking for over the past year. That is the ability to record screened calls. The option now shows up as a toggle in Call Screen settings and is disabled by default. According to 9to5Google, it doesn't show up on older Pixel 3 phones, but hopefully, that will change once automatic Call Screen begins rolling out to older Pixel phones.

Jason England