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Anticipation for the EVO 3D, Thunderbolt apps that are safe to remove once rooted [from the forums]


Back from the weekend, hope you all had a good one. This week is already shaping up to be a busy one from looking at the posts from today. People suing each other, new devices hitting carriers and so much more. In any event, we're here to bring it all to you so if you feel like chatting it up a little bit more than the comments can provide, hop on into the forums.Motorola Droid X Forums...

Live in Dallas? Verizon wants you to win an HTC Thunderbolt and a private party with Mark Cuban

Bla1ze 6

If you live in the Dallas and are a basketball fan who also happens to want an HTC Thunderbolt -- you're in luck. Verizon wants to give you of 'Bolt if you're willing to play their game -- and are able to win at it. In addition to a free HTC Thunderbolt you and 10 friends also get to attend a party with Mark Cuban.The contest itself isn't as easy as it sounds though, you'll have to...