The Android Central forums are now ad-free

Pixel 4 showing off the Android Central forums
Pixel 4 showing off the Android Central forums (Image credit: Android Central)

To welcome Android Central to the Future family of sites, your Community Team would like to proudly announce that forums here at Android Central are now completely free of advertisements to all registered, logged-in members. We want to make your experience in our communities the absolute best that we can, and one way to do that is to make it much easier and more convenient for you to navigate the boards and engage in discussions. To achieve that goal, we've turned off all ads for all logged-in, registered users of the forums.

If you've not yet registered, now is the perfect time to do so to take advantage of the new ad-free forum browsing. Be sure to sign up here and swing by our Introductions Thread to say hi!

Registration and participation in our forums are, as always, free - and now so much more convenient. We are incredibly delighted to make this change for our fantastic community and can't wait for you to dive into the new forum experience.

See you in the forums!

  • Thank you. Can you all do something about the audio on the pop-up ads on articles? Keep the ads just disable the audio please!
  • Totally agree! Too many times those ads go off when doing business in bathroom stall
  • oops accidentally clicked on reported instead of reply. anyway, just keep the volume off when on the porcelain throne.
  • I think most people understand the need and purpose of ads, but only to a point. Intrusive ads like that are nothing but a nuisance. So yes, keep the ad, but default to a muted state.
  • Those loud playback ads are actually making me view this app less
  • Same here. It's random when they appear and have audio and I don't appreciate it.
  • Same here I usually browse the app with my morning tea before work but don't bother now because the loudness of the ads disturbs my household. Understand the reason behind the adverts but the one with sounds are obtrusive and annoying
  • Same here too. Very intrusive.
  • Ditto to the loud audio ads. I think everyone understands the need for ads but when they blast out randomly it's just so annoying. Instead of having to mute the ad why not do it the other way round where if you actually want to hear what the ad is offering you have to un- mute it?
  • hope that means that auto play video is gone for good.
  • No more sponsored posts!
  • Hahaha as I read this article I get a bladder pop up ad and there are still ads in line. I am logged in.
  • Ditto, oh the irony.
  • If you're logged in and using your browser in the forums, there shouldn't be any ads. You may just have some things cached.
  • Was hopping that it would apply to the tablet version as well but no I still see them.
  • Nice one. Thanks. 👍👍
  • There are still ads on the Android app....
  • Thought I would try logging out and logging back in, but the ads are still there.
  • Thank god...random ads where so irritating
  • Have signed in cleared cache but ads still around..
  • As I was reading this blog, I heard Kool and the Gang's "Celebration" playing in my head. ;)