Survey: What are your mobile typing and messaging patterns?

Every single day, all over the world, people are sending messages back and forth through a multitude of different services, and according to some estimates, more than half the world now uses a smartphone. That means there are a lot of folks out there tapping away on their devices using both virtual and physical keyboards.

But do folks enjoy the experience? Can those virtual and physical keyboards be improved? Do people abandon writing longer messages on their smartphones until they get to a computer where the typing experience is arguably better? These are all questions we have and to help get them answered, we have put together a little typing and messaging patterns on mobile survey that we hope you will take part in.

The survey is five simple questions about how many messages you send, what you do most on your smartphone and how you feel about the typing experience your smartphone offers. It shouldn't take any more than five minutes to complete, and we certainly appreciate you taking the time to fill it out! You can fill it out in the embed below, or if that's not working properly you can click on the link below.

Take the survey