AT&T's Next 24 plan gives customers 30 months to pay off their smartphone

AT&T will give its customers an even longer amount of time to pay for their new smartphones with $0 down. The newly unveiled Next 24 plan will allow those folks to take 30 months to pay for their device in monthly installments starting on November 9.

The wireless carrier will still offer its Next 12 and Next 18 plans as well, which gives customers 20 and 24 months, respectively, to pay for their smartphones. As with the earlier plans, the new Next 24 system will allow folks a way to upgrade to a new smartphone if they bring in their current one after 30 months in good condition.

The upside is that customers will pay less per month for their smartphone under the Next 24 plan. The downside is that it will take six months longer to upgrade to a new device under Next 24. AT&T also announced that starting today, anyone who switches to the carrier and activates a new line of service with a smartphone on AT&T Next will get a $150 bill credit.

Which would work better for you: Smaller monthly payments or a faster way to upgrade to a new smartphone?

Source: AT&T

John Callaham