Update: The original story included some information provided by AT&T that was incorrect. We have updated the story with the correct information.

AT&T will start selling the older version of the Moto G smartphone from Motorola, but with support for LTE networks, on Friday, October 10 for the no-contract price of $179.99. It will also offer it for just 99 cents with a two year contract.

AT&T will offer the option of paying for the Moto G LTE every month with two plans. One is for $7.50 a month with Next 18, while the other is $9 a month with Next 12. Just an alert: this is the old 4.5-inch Moto G with LTE support added, not the new Moto G that was announced a few weeks ago with a 5-inch screen.

How do you feel about AT&T offering the older Moto G with LTE, now that Motorola has announced the new and larger Moto G?

Source: AT&T

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