Motorola Olympus AT&T Facebook

OK. We're about to have another conversation about talking to strangers. See, the fact is you're actually pretty unlikely to get a real answer out of an official Twitter or Facebook account if you ask about an unannounced device. And even if you do get an answer, you need to think about it a tad. So when Scott Duffy asked the AT&T Share page (that's an official AT&T outlet) about the rumored Motorola Olympus, he got the following reply:

"The Motorola Olympus should be available in December or January. Check back here for device launches ..."

Really, folks, don't read too much into that. Translated, it means this:

"November is almost over. So we're going to name a couple of months that aren't November."

Actually, AT&T's response has since been pulled. Does that lend credence to the initial response? More likely, someone realized commenting at all on an unannounced device wasn't a very good idea. It's very possible that the Moto Olympus -- or whatever it ends up being called -- could be released sometime in the next 60 days. We do have a pretty big event (that'd be CES ) coming up. But it's also just as likely to not be out by then. We'll just have to see. [Facebook via BGR]