AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III now available for pre-order, shipping from June 18

It's Wednesday, June 6, and that means AT&T's version of the Samsung Galaxy S III is now available for pre-order over at the carrier's website. The phone's pre-selling for $199 on a 2-year plan, or $549 without a contract, and it's available in marble white and pebble blue, just like the international model (though a limited edition red version is slated for launch later in the summer.)

Follow the pre-order process all the way through and you'll be informed that your order will ship in under two weeks time, on Monday, June 18 -- that's a few days earlier than most other U.S. Galaxy S III models, which are due to appear from June 21.

The AT&T Galaxy S III features a 4.8-inch 720p SuperAMOLED display, a dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, expandable via microSD card. If you're still on the fence, be sure to check out our exhaustive review of the international version for a broad idea of what to expect.

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab)

Alex Dobie
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  • I wish Verizon was launching then, too.
  • Agree. Wouldn't be Verizon without holding it up though.
  • My confirmation says ship date is today but I suspect that date will change when the order is actually processed, preorder threw Verizon.
  • I hope Verizon matches the retail price of $549.00 for those of us that don't have an upgrade right now.
  • Droid Life has the internal doc saying 16GB will be 599$ 32GB will be 650$ From Verizon.
  • Hahaha, who money hungry, blood sucking Verizon?
  • Been looking forward to upgrading for a long time and was excited to see that it was available this morning. The website is saying that the total for the phone is $299.99, it's not applying the $100 discount even if I agree to sign up for a higher data plan. Not sure if I don't qualify for the discount or if the cart just doesn't show the discount.
  • Tried to order for my dad and had same problem - they said my whole plan was out of date and no long offered and I would have to change my account to a new plan in order to get discount. Needless to say I declined. Going to head to the store and see what they can do...
  • Thanks for the info. Good luck at the store, I may try that too. When I upgraded to the Captivate in-store there as none of this discount confusion and they even discounted the regular upgrade price to match other stores (Walmart, Costco, etc). We're on the minimum Family Plan (550 minutes, which still appears to exist) and both lines are on the minimum data plan ($15 for 200MB, which has been discontinued). Even selecting the most expensive data plan didn't help. I tried it on the main line and the additional line, both eligible for upgrade, with no luck.
  • i had the same problem with pre-order at at&t (i have an old iphone 3g with the unlimited data plan). i went to the online chat for assistance and was told that once the phone was received, the local store would change it back to the original data plan. i did print screen of this convo just in case.
  • $549 is a very good price.
  • $549 is a great price considering how much the Nexus and Note cost me when I ordered them from Expansys months back. However factor in carrier bloat and branding and I think its not such a bargain. I believe if you're paying full blown retail for a device it should be untouched by the carrier.
    I'm curious how much of that 16GB is left after AT&T gets their hands on it.
  • when i tried to preoder 16gb gs3, total came out as $232...even though i have $50 discount...something is not right...
  • something is not right... yea you with at&t that is it.
  • What happened to the NICE SPEEDY TOP END "QUAD CORE"... whats the point of getting a GIII when its just a GII with a slightly bigger screen ?.... ICS is nice but Ive got that on my GI..... come on AT&T STOP SCREWING US OVER!!!!
  • its not all about cores mate if you look into the s4 dualcore you will see it is miles ahead of last years dual core as it is 28nm meaning great power and is on par with the quads in everday use and if you into benchmarks then you will in some test it wins and some it loses even though its ''only'' a dual also get 2gb ram which compensates for not having quad and you also get lte where as with the quad you would only have 3g..if you so desire the quad you could always by the gsm version
  • The quad core isn't compatible with the American signals but that's why samsung gave it 2 gb of ram. So stop being so grumpy.