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AT&T posts update guide for the Motorola Atrix 4G

Hey, how about that. The Motorola Atrix 4G is getting its update today -- just like we first told you it would.

For some, a visual learning experience is needed and for the Motorola Atrix 4G users out there now getting the update we advised was coming, AT&T has now posted the a full how-to via their device support pages in case you need complete guidance through it. If that's not quite enough -- or if you run into issues, that's not a problem either. You can head on into the Atrix 4G forums, read the change log and ask help from those who have the update.

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab)

  • Where'd you get that little black android?
  • It'd be nice if my phone would give me the update...
  • What JayPhill89 said. Where did you get the Android dude???
  • I really don't remember where I picked him up from.. although, I'm sure it was just off a friend. I have a few of them kicking around.
  • Either it's part of the Dyzplastic collection authorized by Google and sold at the Dead Zebra Shop (Google it) & other authorized stores (they're the primary front end tho), or it's a chinese knock off from Ebay. They're released in limited runs tho so they're hard to score unless you don't mind paying 3x the price and/or getting a knock-off that doesn't reward the original artist(s). I got the Christmas one (painted up like a snowman, with a real top hat and carrot nose), two green ones (one was a gift for my sister), and a fully white one meant for you to paint it yourself. I think the holiday one was more expensive but the rest were $6-7. They did a Halloween power vampire, and two whole series of like 8 different designs each (blue one, nerdy one, racer, toxic, etc). They've been featured here before, and new ones sell out crazy fast at Dead ZEbra (think minutes).
  • Yepp, you are correct. I have four different ones, I learned about them from an Instructables guide, gonna put a servo, chip, and LEDs in mine :)
  • This is out of the blue question.. but where can i get the black android figure?
    it looks dope!
  • LOVE IT Acandia007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Impulses just wrote a 6000 word essay above and you freakin' ask where you can get the little black Android!!!! OMFG!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • haha i didnt even read the comments, i just wrote down my question >.<
  • You mean this article ISN'T about the cute black Droid figure?
  • No update tried