AT&T One X pre-orders start April 22 at Radio Shack, pick it up for $149

We just got a few goodies in the mail about the HTC One X for AT&T from Radio Shack, and things look pretty good. The phone will be up for pre-order on April 22, cost $149 if pre-ordered, and be available on May 6. Additionally, customers will be able to use a code on their receipt to get free downloads of seven Coldplay songs, including a Radio Shack exclusive live recording of "Charlie Brown".

The documents tell us that Radio Shack employees will receive intensive training about the One X, and be able to answer just about any question the customer can throw at them. There's also an accessory list, and Zagg shields will be available at launch with cases coming in the month of May.

We've been over the international version with a fine tooth comb, and we're as excited as you folks are to get our hands on the AT&T version. It's looking like third-party retailers will have access to the phone the same day corporate AT&T stores do, making it easier to get. Options -- we love em. Hit the break to see the rest of the documents.

Thanks, Anon!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Can I get it for $149 without the Coldplay--yeesh! That is not an incentivel
  • that's a good deal, it's nice to see a high-end phone that doesn't set you back $300 when you buy it *cough* Verizon *cough*
  • I'm done with paying $300!!! Prices drop so fast on these things. I will buy from Amazon next time!
  • How does this work? Does Radio Shack act as a third party for AT&T? How do they stand to profit unless it's on the accessories? My main concern is continuing my grandfathered plan. Would it be best to buy it from a corporate store in that case?
  • They making money not from the phone sale, but they're making their money of the contract. If AT&T paying to the dealer as use to pay T-Mobile, in this case Radio would make around c$300.0 from each contract. That's how it work.
  • I don't Recommend buying from RadioShack they involve you in a contract, let's say you go on a contract but you don't like the service on your carrier, but you got the phone on RadioShack and you have to return it to them, guess what they make you sign a contract at the store as well that if you cancel your service before I believe 160-190 days you are subject to a termination fee by RadioShack, now it doesn't matter if you cancel before your grace period from your carrier is up, let's say 14 days and you return it after those 14 days, not only you have yo pay your carrier a termination fee, but RadioShack charges you for a termination fee that they pleased higher than the value of the phone itself, between 600-1000 bucks, yes that much I do recommend searching for mobiletechreview and you will find a video where she explains what happened to her when she purchased a phone from them and had to cancel.
  • So did they return the phone or just cancel? The only time you would be charge is if you canceled service and don't return the phone.
  • As a radioshack store manager I can tell you yes you will get to keep your grandfathered plan unless AT&T says other wise not radioshack.
  • Still no off contract prices?
  • $550. It was in the press release.
  • Thanks, I missed it. That's a great price, compared to the $800 unlocked.
  • The international version is around 6bills and change unlocked.
  • $579 on Amazon
  • This why I never jump on the carriers pre orders because someone will always out do them on price...I got my last three phones from Radio Shack.
  • It doesn't matter if u buy it from a corporate store or not. I never bought from a corporate store to expensive often best buy online at wirefly or so u get way better deals on the phones and really if u have insurance over ur cellphone provider it doesn't matter also u still even can exchange the phone at a corporate store of it is defective or stuff if of course u have insurance. Service really stays the same u only get way better prices on the phones. Corporate stores suck u dry. And the HTC one x is nice but only dual core in the USA but with lte. I rather prefer the quad core European one that still gives u to 21 on download speeds. And the HTC one x both version I tried already and u really if compared can feel the way better speed of the European one x and tegra allows u for more and better games if u r in to it.
  • Do "u" think so???
  • is $149 the new $199?
  • Question: What does an ATT LTE service plan cost monthly for an individual and / or family of 2 compared with Sprint for unlimited data? I think Sprint is about a $105 a month for an individual and $75 each for 2 on a shared plan.
  • Well if you don't already have an unlimited plan with AT&T, then you can't get one. 3GB = $30, 5GB = $50. Just for the data.
    Plans start at $40 on top of that.
    Unlimited texting is another $20
  • What are you talking about, Sprint plans start at $80... I pay $64 for unlimited data and 750 minutes thru a student discount, nights start earlier too at 7pm and you get free calls to any mobile (only available on AT&T with unlimited family messaging I think, could me mistaken). AT&T starts at $90 for 3GB, which is not bad at all if you don't need more than that. This is all before taxes, insurance, etc.
  • Don't you dare threaten me with Coldplay.
  • Radioshack doesnt charge your for cancelling your contract, IDK what Sniper is talking about, I work at radioshack!
    To provide you with significant savings vs. buying in a retail store, the price you paid for your device includes an Instant Savings Discount from this authorized retailer. By accepting this Instant Savings Discount, you agree to repay $200 of this discount ($400 for smartphones, tablets, and netbooks) and authorize us to charge your credit card in repayment of this amount if, you signed up for a 2 year agreement and during the 181 days after your new equipment is activated, your wireless carrier notifies us that the services you purchased have been suspended, disconnected, or deactivated, or if you return your purchase outside of the return and exchange provisions of our Satisfaction Guarantee. From THIS PAGE
  • I wish when radio shack or Amazon had deals they took the same percent off the full price. None of the deals you ever hear about do anything to lower the full price.
  • Same percent off from all stores? You have a problem with competition?
  • You missed his meaning entirely I believe. If you buy a phone, you have two options. Full price (~$600) or on contract ($200). If a store has $50 off the on-contract price, they do not change the $600 price at all. He was wishing the deal was for both on and off contract prices. At least, that's how I read it.
  • Think SAMs Club may have this phone release day?
  • Target Mobile is offering the exact same deal (owned by radioshack corporation, just like the radio shack stores are owned by radioshack corp) If there is one of those close by I would suggest purchasing there or at RS.