AT&T Galaxy Rugby Pro Jelly Bean OTA rolling out now

AT&T is pushing out a Jelly Bean update to the Galaxy Rugby Pro (remember that one?) that should be hitting devices starting today. Running Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box, this durable mid-range device usually wouldn't be considered for an update to Jelly Bean, so we're glad that Samsung and AT&T haven't forgotten about it. In addition to the regular host of Jelly Bean improvements -- like Google Now and Project Butter -- there are a couple of specific additions here. The update will bring a new camera UI with live filters and a pause/resume video recording option, a new "blocking mode" that lets you block calls, notifications and LED lights for a certain period of time, and new keyboard options with the inclusion of the Swype keyboard.

The update is rolling out OTA (Over The Air) starting today, but can only be downloaded over Wifi. If you're not near a Wifi connection, you can also sideload the update via Samsung Kies software if you're so inclined.

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab)

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  • Because *that* phone deserves the attention. Not the One X. Nope. Ugh. But I guess it gives me hope for my Vivid. If the Rugby qualifies, the Vivid ought to as well.
  • same goes for the OG AT&T Note..
  • At&t is hoping that people forget about the One X. It's rather sad that only a few months after it's released, it gets a refresh. Since the One X+ has Jellybean, At&t probably thinks it's a waste of time to push it out.
  • I work for AT&T and that is the same exact thing my co-worker said using a One X. Funny to read that.
  • Really AT&T? I can understand the Galaxy SIII getting its Jelly Bean upgrade before the One X because it probably has more market share, but this device too? Come on.
  • How much of the update order comes from how quickly the manufacturer sends the update to AT&T? Samsung may very well have sent updates for 5 phones at once for Jelly Bean, and if they were submitted before HTC sent in the update, that would explain a number of things.
  • Well, HTC has already sent the One X Jelly Bean update to other carriers around the world. The One X on Rogers in Canada is the exact same model as the AT&T One X and Rogers evaluated the update and pushed it out already. I can't see HTC waiting to send the update to AT&T while sending it to other carriers internationally.
    There is a lot to be said for buttons,
    like answering the phone without looking at the phone because you can feel the physical button. Press to answer, press another button to hang up.
  • Android actually support those buttons, but OEMs don't implement them
  • Wth ??? Hahaha
  • I could really use Jelly Bean on my Galaxy Note, AT&T.
  • Lmao wow of all the phones really
  • But not the skyrocket?? For real!? Their priorities suck.
  • Well that sucks for ppl who have better phones.. Smh..