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AT&T ditches Google Search for Yahoo on the Motorola Backflip

When you think of Android, you think Google -- powered by Google, Google Search Bar, Google Apps, Google Sync, etc.

But we also all know how AT&T likes to have exclusives, and, shall we say, "tweak" its devices. And they're at it again with the Motorola Backflip, which has given Yahoo search default function of this device. The search bar, home page and more are Yahoo instead of Google.

AT&T firmly believes Yahoo is the best search engine for this device (or at least Yahoo shelled out enough jing to get on board), and users don't have the option to switch to the Google powered one instead. If users wish to access Google search, they will have to do so through the browser. [via PhoneScoop]

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  • Kinda shocking that there wasn't some provision when they set up a deal for this phone that forces it to use Google. Hindsight is 20/20, maybe in the future, they will do this.
  • Just one more reason that buying a phone directly from Google from now on is the only way to go. Not a fan of service providers deciding what is best. Android OS but yahoo search, how much sense does that make?
  • And that's why I LOVE Android. If you don't like something, change it. See if Microsoft will let that happen with Windows Phone 7. Don't even act like you might want to dream about doing that on iPhone. And Google's licensing is what allows the change. Google benefits because it's still running Android with the Market. Which means they'll still get their cut from apps purchased thru it.
  • Haha, not like the phone wont be rooted and this can be solved.
  • ATT = FAIL!
  • You could always just download a google search widget from the market. Problem fixed.
  • Just like Bing and the Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 and Tour. VZW was paid by Microsoft to make Bing the exclusive (as on only) search engine on these phones. Only way to use Google was through the browser. And this happened AFTER many people already bought their phones - forced on users without a choice. I foresee this happening more frequently, not less. My next phone, regardless of the cell carrier I choose, will be unlocked if possible. I'm done with contracts and phones locked to one carrier.
  • Yahoo Search? Really? not even Bing? pfff....
  • Yahoo search isn't that bad... Hey, remember back in the day when you would go to to do a search, and it would say "powered by Google?" Those were the days.
  • At least on the Blackberry devices with Bing, you could uninstall it if you wanted and you could also install Google Search. Plus, neither of those search apps are as ingrained into the rest of the phone use experience like Google is to Android. Still, it certainly demonstrates the true openness of the Android OS. I'm sure Google will still make money off of app sales as well as app ad revenue. If I were a potential AT&T customer, I would not want this phone. I would feel like I'm missing something with my Android experience by not having Google Search on board. Besides, I haven't used Yahoo search in years. Will voice search and speech to text work on this phone if it ever gets 2.1? -SR- PS: I remebmer the days of searching with Webcrawler on Netscape. Is Webcrawler even around these days?
  • how about this: maybe AT*T used Yahoo because they don't want to piss off Apple and the growing feud. It's a stretch, I know...
  • *COUGH* Apple! *COUGH*
  • "Just like Bing and the Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 and Tour." Bing is not default on the Tour, at least not on mine.