Asus Transformer Prime shows itself, we all gaze at it's beauty

We're getting closer and closer to the official announcement of the Asus Transformer Prime, but if you really, really can't wait then take a look at these leaked shots of the quad-core super tablet.

Bearing passing resemblance to a Macbook Pro, the images have been pulled from the Chinese site that originally leaked them. They go on to show various angles of the Prime, but the lockscreen is the only part of the software on show and it doesn't give any glimpses of any Ice Cream Sandwich goodness I'm afraid. 

Coming from the success of the original Transformer, a lot of you are sure to want one of these. Check out some more images after the jump to whet your appetite just a little more. 

Source: Notebook Italia

  • If you're gonna take design influence from a laptop you may as well take it from the nicest laptop (I <3 my MacBook Pro)
  • Hmmmm.....I can't put my finger on it, but its stylish metal looking, no buttons by the track pad, looks familiar, but I just can't place it.
  • yeah, looks exactly like their newest line of zenbooks (UX31). Made to directly compete with the Macbook Air. Of all things... Engadget actually liked the Zenbook! I'm looking to get one of these (zenbook) to replace my Macbook... but my Transformer is doing a decent job of that on its own.
  • Thats fine, have fun with the reliability and the OS's that run on them.
  • Sure. They're pretty good. Have fun spending at least $200+ more on your system. (Seriously, look at how much RAM upgrades with Apple cost.) I wish I liked throwing away my hard earned cash too.
  • Only an amateur would buy the ram at Apple. No idea why they charge so much its ridiculous! But not to get my laptop loaded with crapware and personally never had any failure over 10 years compared to my PC's I'm sold for an extra couple hundred. Worked at a school that had 200 macs and 200 pc's and it was a daily thing to fix a pc, macs very rarely.
  • Only an amateur would buy a new laptop and keep the bloatware on, say PCs have a lot of problem and have to "fix" it often, sell it, and buy an Apple. Seriously, if you don't know what's causing your PCs to have problems or even know how to prevent problems from occurring, then go be proud with your overpriced piece of machine.
  • MacBooks often have failure issues, people just buy new ones though instead of getting them fixed.
  • That's cause if it has a scratch on it, Apple says its physical damage and it suddenly costs as much as a new one to fix.
  • My Asus laptop running Windows 7 has been flawless since I got it last November. I would get another without hesitation.
  • I'm in the camp of regretting loading lion on the MacBook. It runs like crap (like vista bad). I would just dual-boot Ubuntu on the Asus if I sell my MacBook.
  • Well, based on the Macbook pro I bought a few years ago OSX is a pretty big mess of an OS. Does a great job at being a really expensive DVD player though
  • I can't wait for this thing
  • I feel an applesuit coming in the near future
  • But Apple never sues people for such frivolous things. Lol
  • I doubt they will sue over that, its not a complete ripoff like Windows and Android is.
  • Apple fanboys are so ignorant;not to mention lousy trolls.
  • Fans of apple products have religion like comments, if you understand what that means.
  • I think it's wierd that people keep comparing plain-looking laptops to Apple products. In reality almost all laptops look like the macbooks as the macbook was designed to be the simplest form of laptops.
    They are built with the things they need and that's it.
  • Because PC vendors have typically used plain black plastic casings and so forth for there laptops. Apple has been using a metal type since around 2000 or so, not sure of the exact date. I think they started with the powerbook G4 an titanium. Now it seems as if everyone is doing it. Intel is even starting up and getting manufacturers to build Macbook Air look alikes called Ultrabooks. Since netbooks have been finally a failure, I can't believe people actually bought the piece of junks.
  • I think using metals is much more than just trying to copy Apple. I think Apple made people realize, "Hey, why am I buying a 700 piece of plastic, when that 1000 dollar piece of aluminum looks to be of way higher quality?" I know plastic is one of my biggest enemies, but Apple is the only company (until recently) that have primarily used it for their tech.
  • So what are you trying to say, that apple has the monopoly on using metal to make a device, it's amazing these idiots come here trying to talk about what people do after apple and they don't talk about the stuff that apple has stole from others, from since the beginning of their existence, some of which they had to pay many millions to compensate for. Get a life and study the very dirty history of the company you are so in love with. Elitist fools!!!
  • Teach me oh wise one, what is thy history I need to learnith??
  • Can't help myself... Mouse and GUI taken from Xerox PARC iPhone design cues taken from LG Prada Swipe to unlock (now patented!?) Prior art exists from PocketPC 6.0+ as well as Symbian Industrial design admittedly copied and stolen from Braun. iAndroid... err iOS 5... enough said. iPhone concept see LG Prada Widgets on Mac OS X.. nothing new Linux desktop environments like Enlightenment and Windowmaker had them for YEARS before OS X. OS X? Come on tell me you know it's a Unix/BSD OS based on a mach microkernel. Webkit and Safari? Yeah... KHTML Anything else you need to learn about?
  • Got'em, lol.
  • I really want to get the specs of this thing
  • Kal-el quadcore processor... not sure of ram. Will be officially announced in next coming days.
  • Does anyone know if this can use the keyboard dock from the original transformer.
  • I would guess no.
  • Thought I read that the original dock would be compatible with future versions of the Transformer...
  • I read the same thing. I'm hoping it still holds true as well. The original Transformer although thicker at its' thickest point is still only 7mm at its' docking point because it tapers. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  • Honestly it looks great. My 2 year old MacBook pro died today (HD faliure) and I have to wait 3-5 day for Apple to charge me lots of money for it. In the mean time, I'm stuck using my TF for school and otherwise. I'm really surprised how much it really is able to replace my MacBook. The keyboard looks spacious and I really want that solid feel of metal that's lacking on my TF now. I'll be looking foward to this sexy machine!
  • Probably has a western digital drive in it....should have replaced it yourself....its easy. Must not have gotten the 3 year applecare or it would have been fixed free.
  • Can you take you take pro-Apple garbage posts elsewhere? Thanks.
  • Maybe he should have paid extra to get the extended warranty on a machine that would break and be easily fixed.
  • this will be bought :-)
  • Not trying to be a stinker, but "its" is misspelled in the title.
  • I hate to be the obvious anti-Apple one and mean no offense. But the only reason that everyone thinks that this only shares a close resemblance to Apple notebooks is that Apple taunts the design it borrowed from Sony years ago i.e. the keyboard design. Furthermore, this look is not exclusive to Apple, as evident by taking a look at Sony Z490 all the way through Z1190. Again, please take this as no offense, but the mere rant of someone fed up with the attribution of all things nice and good to Apple, particularly after the whole swipe-to-unlock patent fiasco.
  • I forgot to mention that I have $550 of Bestbuy Store Credit, burning a hole in my pocket waiting for the release of Transformer 2. I've been lucky enough to use each of the following tablets for weeks and the Asus Transformer was the best, so I can't wait for its next generation one, which will be the one to keep. Tablets used: Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy 10.1, Sony S, Acer A500, briefly Toshiba Thrive, and the winner Asus Transformer. It's build quality and screen were unparalleled.
  • Listen man, I know just how tormenting a card burning a hole in your pocket can be....I've been there myself. But you really don't have to wait, I'll be more than humbled to be a good Samaritan, and take your burden away. Something I saw in a movie once....something about paying it forward...maybe someday you will do something nice to someone else too. All joking aside, this is one sweet device....I've been drooling over it since it originally came out. AS for the fools, and their bickering....can't people just simply accept that most of these devices are basically the same, until something revolutionary comes out, they are all copy cats of each other. Apple suing Asus bcs the KB looks much like the MacBooks, would like Cadillac suing ford bcs they too use a four doors in their cars, and they look similar, and serve the same purpose. Get over it folks!!!!! And just for the record, Apple's "religious elitists" I find it interesting that you guys come over to the android side of the pond to throw stones...on the tipb side, you don't see as much android folks making stupid comments. LOL
  • Soon you will be mine
  • Why does every comment have to be about apple? I can't see whether an apple product is good or bad has anything to do with an upcoming android tablet...
  • Since it hasn't been mentioned... anyone notice its running ics... meaning the oem's have the source already (or at least beta source). Looks pretty. With the current emulator setup, you can't really make a tablet version from it (just a giant screen).
  • ICS is the one Android OS to rule them all and future iterations going forward. Honeycomb was more or less a stop gap in the Android tablet market. ICS is the best of Honeycomb piled on top of all new goodness that is able to be used on smartphones and tablets alike. Far better support for multicore SoCs as well as better memory management and multitasking with a little GPU acceleration piled on top.
  • I like it a lot. It has the power to do what I need plus using mobile hot spot with my nexus I will have a nice setup for on the go and at work. Heck this thing might be faster than my two year old sony core 2 duo laptop but smaller. I really think this can be a useful tool for on the go.