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Taking things in a completely different direction to all the recent Samsung news, Asus have pulled the wraps off their latest Transformer device over at the Computex 2012 show in Taipei. We've seen teaser trailers for the "Next Transformations," along with the announcement of the Bluestacks integration with their Windows PC's that will give access to hundreds of thousands of Android applications. While the majority of Asus' Computex announcements are Windows 8 based, there is one that is quite, quite different. 

The Asus Transformer AIO is an 18.4-inch, all-in-one desktop PC complete with full touchscreen that runs Windows 8. So how does that affect us? The screen on the AIO detaches, and when it does, it turns into an 18.4-inch Android tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich. 18.4-inches. 

So it isn't really that portable. But, at the same time, it offers a fully featured Windows PC and a fully featured Android 4.0 tablet. It's potentially an unusual use case, but also an interesting one. We love Android tablets -- figures -- but at the same time there is a distinct lack of productivity when using one. The ability to finish up working in Microsoft Office, then head down to the couch and catch up with your favourite Android applications without having to switch devices is an interesting thought. 

Details are pretty scarce, as Asus is keeping pretty tight lipped on this one. There's no word on price either, but we'll go out on a limb and expect it to be relatively high. Hopefully it's packing a pretty mighty battery if Asus are expecting people to use it away from the desktop dock.

Sadly, the AC crew didn't make it out to Taiwan to play with it for ourselves. Never fear though, we've found some hands on footage courtesy of the guys over at The Verge​ to give you a quick run down on what's what. 

via The Verge