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Asus teases their upcoming smartwatch again, gives it a name: ZenWatch

Asus has actively teased an upcoming smartwatch for IFA 2014 and today the company added a short video to the mix, just in time before the show kicks off next month. While the video doesn't reveal much, it does show off a sleek-looking wearable with clear Asus branding. Best of all, it looks like a watch.

Confirming designs shared by Asus in previous teasers, the smartwatch by Asus will sport a small bezel between the screen and edges of the device, and will be fairly thin when compared against competitor hardware already available on the market. We also have a name too – ZenWatch.

The wait for IFA to find out more will soon be over, but the Asus social team may opt to continue with the trickle of content for the time being. What are your thoughts on the smartwatch after checking the above video out?

  • Battery life, price, and appearance . Those are the deal breakers for nearly everyone. Software wise the watches don't really differ much. And as of now no one has really nailed the big three. Posted via Android Central App
  • Battery will come, so will refinement of style. We may never hit a price point that everyone can live with without compromise. Even though I am a tech whore I wont spend 250 for a first gen anything without it giving me immediate personal value. Right now I do not see the value in smartwatches.
  • "Battery will come"
    Yeah because smartphone last a month per charge now compared to when they first came out years ago...
  • Depends on how you look at it. A month long battery on a handheld computer is pure fantasy. This is not a flip phone from the early 90s. Battery life/tech has come a long way in the last several years, and obviously they are still working on improving it (project volta among other things) Temper expectations with reality
  • "Battery life/tech has come a long way in the last several years"
    What do you mean? 1500mAh battery from 5-10 years ago still lasts the same amount of time as today. What has changed with battery tech?
  • The fact that a 3200mAh battery is the same size as your 1500mAh battery from 10 years ago
  • 10 years just to double (plus 200mAh) the capacity of a component? Considering that in the same time span we have reduced a camera, mp3 player and almost a whole computer into a device as thin and light as a pancake, I would say that advancements in the battery department are not impressive.
  • ....and the electric car has been around for 100+ years but is just now hitting the mainstream.... Yeah it is kinda impressive. ....
  • Then let's hope we don't have to wait 90 years for a battery to last more than a day.
  • Obviously the same capacity battery now as one from however long ago will last the same. What's different now is you can cram more power in less space. It definitely hasn't come a long way, though. It's only slightly better now than it was 10 years ago. We need a breakthrough in battery tech.
  • When you think of it terms of your using the same tech but cramming more into it, it has come a long way. Your right though, something has to change
  • I don't understand the battery thing everyone complains about.. You people need to stop being on your phones all day.. I personally go to work and almost don't touch my phone at all during that time. Then, I go home and have at least 80 if not 90% battery left for my evening... which is more than enough...
  • Everyone uses the phone differently. I use it like a portable hard drive, and a document repository for work. I also use it, and my tablet, to take notes during meetings. Not to mention a MP3 player (or internet radio receiver) and a whole host of other things. If I left my phone in the car I would start jonesing like a crack whore 20 minutes after I realized I didn't have it.
  • Some people aren't allowed to use their phones at work, and some need to use them for work.
  • Wow you can make the battery last longer by not using your phone! So why bother with having a smartphone then?
  • I call BS. It is totally unpossible that you can make a battery last longer by not using it. Unpossible I tells ya
  • No, I think he's onto something here.
  • talk is cheap :-)
  • Then you practically are leaving your phone turned off the whole day. Understanding the complaint is easy when you realize that just viewing two or three minute long youtube videos makes your battery go down at least 5%. Most users are left scrambling for a charger right after lunch hour.
  • Quinone and lithium electrodes to name two. Granted, they aren't, as far as I know, commercially available yet, but the research is promising.
  • We all know they have the battery technology to make them go for days without recharging. Why would they want to put those out when we all spend money on the crappy ones they sell now? Its like cell phones. Everyone has gripes about what features they want to see when the a new phone comes out. But why would they put all the best features in one certain phone? They wont! They want you to buy the next phone. If you have all the latest a greatest fetures in the phone you have now, your less likely to upgrade to the next phone.
  • I knew Mulder was right all along. The Government does not want you to know the truth.
  • I think it's time for somebody to make a new foil hat...
  • Actually, you're wrong.  Processors have gotten far more efficient over the past few years.  They've had to.  Without improvements to efficiency, as a processor runs faster, it would consume more juice.  The fact that you're still getting the life out of a significantly faster CPU shows that the technology around battery life has improved.  Batteries themselves haven't had any massive technological jumps, but the issue of battery life is being addressed in the devices that rely on those batteries.
  • Yeah....we are still waiting for those batteries for over 5 years now.
  • The Keshe Foundation figured out the battery along time ago. They actually have batteries that can last for years vs days. I'm more interested to see who has the balls to take this "new" tech and run with it.
  • Damn, those things look promising. Let's hope some company grows a pair big enough to let go of those conventional batteries.
  • That is great in theory, but show me a commercially viable product. In theory I could give you a small 3 mile island that will power your device for centuries, in reality there is no part of that statement that is workable
  • Trying to decide between this and Motorola's. Posted via Android Central App
  • Get the Asus, don't get the expensive watches until next year's generation of Wear watches with more improvements in style, features, and battery. Posted via Android Central App
  • As much as I would love a 360, if this one comes in as cheap as it has been rumored, I think I will have to spend my money here considering its a first gen device. So much room for improvement with the next generation devices and this one would be a good point to get my feet wet with a smart watch. Anyone else Google and see that there is already a Zen Watch out there?
  • Looks cool, wonder what the OS will be...? Posted via Android Central App
  • I really want an Android Wear watch with the screen like the Toq. This still has the best battery life next to the Pebble. I hope a sleuth of watches are presented. Watching for Sony to announce. This will make the holiday season better for option. So glad I didn't buy the current options on impulse. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm really excited for this but I think if Samsung makes a good round watch to compete and it isn't Tizen, I'll probably jump all over it. I'm running the Gear 2 Neo with my HTC One M8 and even though it's Tizen and I can't update the software because it is obviously sideloaded. But I love the watch and it's features.
  • I'm interested for $100
  • I really want someone to release a watch at IFA at or close to that price point. $100-$130
  • Same here. Posted with my Nexus 7 2012 or Moto X via the Android Central App
  • They need to make a curved screen watch, so the screen can be a little bigger but curve with your arm so it still fits well instead of feeling like a huge flat watch that sits on your arm like a small dinner plate.
  • Problem with that is not everyone has the same size arm, so it'd have to be flexible, not just curved. Otherwise, what fits one person perfectly could be really uncomfortable for another. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ugh, when there were only three watches available it made it easy to choose, now it's super difficult. And as much as I hate skins, having the same experience on each watch without skins actually makes it harder to choose.
  • It's all part of the plan, use the same UI experience to force the designers to make more stylish watches rather than skin the UI to death. Posted via Android Central App
  • Nothing looks appealing in this video short that resembles an actual watch to me.
  • As the light goes across the face (screen) of the watch you can tell it doesn't lay perfectly flat like it would if it was glass or sapphire. It's the face (screen) plastic? If so that would be a major fail.