An ASUS built wireless device has appeared at the FCC, and it's got the words Google TV all over it. The official FCC docs have it listed as the Qube WITH Google TV Dongle (opposed to the Qube WITHOUT Google TV Dongle I suppose) and show a device with no CPU or GPU, but wireless connectivity. It's pretty clear that this will plug into a TV or monitor and provide a wireless attachment point for another device.

Speculation around the Internet this evening covers everything from the Nexus Q revamp to an ASUS branded Google TV device, but that fact is we really don't know what this will turn out to be. If I had to take a guess (and I reckon I had better) I'd say this just might turn out to be a Miracast dongle that connects any number of devices to a big screen -- including a yet to be released ASUS Google TV product. as the O!Mobile Remote app in Google Play suggests.We'll know more soon, hopefully. 

Source: FCC; via Engadget