The ASUS OnHub router lets you wave at it to speed up Wi-Fi

Google has announced a second OnHub Wi-Fi router, adding to the hardware family that launched earlier this summer. Like the previous router, this ASUS-made OnHub is designed to be displayed out in the open, where Wi-Fi signals transmit more easily. Also like the TP-Link router, the ASUS OnHub is a AC1900.

With this router, Google and ASUS are introducing Wave Control to the OnHub family. Wave Control allows you to boost the Wi-Fi speed for a single device by waving your hand over the router. This tells the OnHub to prioritize a device to make sure it has enough bandwidth, such as your laptop when you're downloading a large file. Google will also issue its first OnHub software update, which will introduce a new smart antenna algorithm, which will allow OnHub to select the best antenna configuration to use to get optimum signal to your device. TP-Link OnHub routers will receive this update automatically.

Pre-orders for the ASUS OnHub will be available in the U.S. later this week at select retailers, including the Google Store. The new OnHub router will be available for $219.99.

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