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ASUS EeePad Transformer pricing and availability

Where do you buy an ASUS EeePad Tranformer? And when can you buy an ASUS EeePad Transformer?

First off, the 16GB version will run you $399. The 32GB version costs $499. And the optional keyboard dock is another $150.

You can pick up the ASUS EeePad Transformer starting April 26 at the following locations:

In the United States, you can buy an ASUS EeePad Transformer at:

  • Amazon
  • American TV
  • B&H
  • BJ's
  • Datavision
  • Fry's
  • HH Gregg
  • J&R
  • Micro Center
  • Newegg
  • Office Depot
  • PC Richards
  • Staples
  • Target
  • TigerDirect

In Canada, you can purchase an ASUS EeePad Transformer at:

  • Canada Computers
  • Memory Express
  • NCIX
  • Staples CA
  • Visions

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  • Can't wait to check this out, looks awesome!
  • I wonder if places like Newegg or Amazon will have it cheaper if we wait a week or two after its release. They do that often, right? Or no?
  • That's been my tactic when buying electronics online. Amazon, Newegg and others may discount it sooner or later. Im excited that the pricing has been officially announced..... 16 gig should be plenty, no? As long as I can save apps to an SD card then its perfect.
  • Yeah, same here, thinking about the 16GB with the keyboard of course. :) I don't have $550 laying around so this will still be quite a huge purchase for me, but if I can justify the purchase with its ability to use for notes during class, I'll get it. If I find out it suck for note-taking (like Polaris continues to freeze up like it has in AC's review), then I may not get it after all :\
  • I'm watching Amazon, Best Buy, Staples & Newegg for possible preordering, but so far none of them even list the transformer. I have the feeling these things will sell out quite quickly, and I want to have an order in ASAP.
  • Hey what happened to the bundle pricing. It seems as though ASUS isn't offering a deal if you buy both the tablet and the laptop dock at the same time. What up with that?
  • Amazing price for what's included! Daym, I'm excited to see this in person.
  • I just noticed that Costco is not offering this... Bummer...
  • I pre-ordered the Acer Iconia A500 tablet from Best Buy and might return it if the ASUS Transformer is available next week or real soon. I have not seen much about the A500 on Android Central even though it will be available from Best Buy starting 4/24. It will be good to compare both tablets side by side and decide which one to get and keep.
  • Just ordered one off newegg a few minutes ago. It got processed and charged my card. I'm hoping it goes through and they ship it to me earlier than the 26th :-x
  • Nice troll, anything else you'd like to be dumb about?
  • Is this going to be in stores or only available online?
  • So far I only one place shows it online, Tiger Direct and they now list it as "unavailable". So if its launching tomorrow, its either the best kept secret or no one is taking any real inventory, you know the iFad won already, right. Don't think so.
  • Hey dumbasses! Its not available at Staples USA, they dont even have a contract with Asus. Its only available at Staples CANADA. Ridic!!!!!
  • Just pre-ordered from B&H. I live in Texas and they are in NY. So no sales tax. Also offering free shipping on the pad.
    Today I noticed that Amazon is pre-ordering and selling via Target Stores. That route would cost me sales tax and shipping as well.
    B&H is very reliable. I have been buying camera equipment from them for over a decade now.