Asus EeePad Slider and Transformer 3G to launch in UK in August

Asus is following up its popular EeePad Transformer tablet with the EeePad Slider and EeePad Transformer 3G, which will both launch in the UK this August, according to a post on the manufacturer's official Facebook page. Asus is promising to announce a more precise release date over the next couple of months, so we'll just have to sit tight for now.

The Transformer, with its distinctive form factor, has become one of the more popular Honeycomb tablets since its release a couple of months ago, and it's looking like Asus is continuing to heap on the innovation with the EeePad Slider, which features unique slide-out QWERTY keyboard. We're sure a lot of folks will appreciate the added 3G capability on the Transformer, too.  Be sure to check out our EeePad Transformer review for more on the Wifi-only version of the tablet.

Source: Facebook; via: Eurodroid

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Hey Asus, how about you just go ahead & ramp up production NOW...that way people who want them can go ahead & get one.
  • Seriously. I still can't find 1 in store. Wtf!?
  • forget the brick & mortar shops. I bought mine on the net. I used matter of fact, I'm typing on it right now! Now i just need a case & dock! Maybe 4fathers day. :-D
  • That's just it though. Hopefully getting mine for fathers day. But my girl is an isheep so she'll just go get whatever's on the bb shelf.
  • Asus has really gone for Android tablets in a big way, and they're doing a nice job differentiating themselves from the competition with some inovative form factors and agressive pricing. Its nice that Just like in phones there will be a choice of sizes and form factors available for Honeycomb tablets. The I pad is definitly the market leader and no single Android tablet will dethrone it but with so many models available it could be death of a thousand cuts.
  • With the Transformer, Slider and now the PadPhone ASUS have 3 interesting variations on the tablet format; you have to give them huge plus for boldness and drive. Of the three, the slider really grabbed my attention when it was first shown; I am just waiting to see how it looks on test and how they deal with connectivity.
  • Maybe they will actually start producing extra chargers and other accessories. I SO want a second charger and a longer connector cable. Also, for all of those people who say you can't find one, just watch and when one shows up, get it.