Asus C200

Asus, which is already investing in Chromeboxes, is now looking to release a Chromebook. According to photos leaked on Google+, the PC manufacturer is working on a Chromebook -- the C200. While not much is known about the product itself, it has "Intel Inside" and a rather large touchpad.

With new Intel processor chips available on the market, we'd find it difficult to believe Asus would not consider new CPUs for use in this Chromebook. Depending on when we eventually see this C200 hit store shelves, of course. Here are some features (marketing jargon) stated on one of the product stickers:

  • All-day battery life
  • Larger touchpad
  • Ultra thin and light
  • High-quality audio
  • 100GB free storage with Google Drive (2 years)
  • Free Chrome apps

Asus C200

There's also likely to be a HDMI out port somewhere on the chassis. Ausdroid notes the Asus Chromebook website (, which currently redirects to the OEM's homepage. We imagine the company will make use of this URL closer to product announcement and release.

Are you interested in seeing the above Asus Chromebook unveiled?

Source: Ausdroid