So. Hm. Well, okay. We absolutely love that cute green robot of Android but we never thought that Android would actually power a real robot. Asus thinks differently, they're working with the Taiwanese government to develop the EeeBot, an Android-powered robot, that'll be an affordable, educational robot for kids.

Obviously the potential in an EeeBot is huge and given the success that Asus has had with their Eee-line, it should definitely be taken seriously, but really? An Android-powered Robot, however fitting in name, is kind of a stretch when actually thought about. Sure, it's cool that they'd think of Android to power their robots but isn't there a better, more suitable OS out there? Certainly something better than a smartphone OS?

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In any case, the EeeBot looks like it'll happen and the project will include human robot interaction, voice and visual technologies, as well as positioning and navigation. The EeeBot won't be available until a few years from now, so we'll see how the project goes.