Asus Zenfone Lolliflash

The smartphone camera is something that many people are concerned with, and manufacturers are getting more serious about putting quality cameras in their devices. Asus has just announced some new accessories for the Zenfone 2 which are sure to enhance the quality of photographs when paired with the device's 13MP PixelMaster camera.

The first of the two flash accessories is the ZenFlash, which is a Xenon flash dongle that connects to the device via USB OTG. Once the ZenFlash is connected and stuck on the back of the phone Asus boasts that it will create a "400 times" stronger flash for the pictures, but that is about all they said for the ZenFlash. Unfortunately it is unknown whether this will work with any other devices, and there is no word about pricing or availability yet either.

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Next up is the Lolliflash, which is a more basic dual-tone LED torch that has a built in battery and connects to the device via the headphone jack. This accessory is much simpler; it is either on or off, no communication with the device, which means it can just be stuck in the headphone jack of any other device. We have seen accessories similar to this in the past, but the Lolliflash comes with various color filters -- red, blue or yellow -- which also help protect the flash, though we could imagine many would forget they exist so they won't add much value. Much like the ZenFlash there is no word on availability or pricing at this point, but it is safe to assume this accessory won't put a hurting on your bank account.

Source: Engadget