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Are you using a case with your Galaxy S10?

First-party Samsung S10 cases
First-party Samsung S10 cases (Image credit: Android Central)

We think it's pretty safe to say that the Galaxy S10 is one of the best phones out there right now. The display has virtually no bezels and the glass back is stunning in all of the available colors.

As great as all that is, the S10 certainly isn't the most durable phone around. Glass is always prone to cracking/shattering, and with fewer bezels surrounding the display, that means more of your screen to get scratched and damaged.

Because of all this, it's wise to outfit your shiny, new, expensive S10 with a case of some sort. Looking through the AC forums, it would appear that most early S10 adopters agree.

I always want to rock my phones naked but they simply just cost too much -- I would rather have that chance at protection if I do drop them (I usually don't).


I picked up a blue fabric case from Verizon. It's an awesome case. Sometimes I use it without a case though cuz it looks great without one.


My Otterbox Defender Pro is hard to install and remove, so it'll probably just stay in there. Haven't broken a phone since 2004 when I ran a flip phone through the washing machine by accident, so cases for me have been good.


I'd like to go caseless, but I would definitely crack the front or back glass pretty quickly. So instead, I try to find a reasonably thin case that still offers some level of drop protection.


What about you? Are you using a case with your Galaxy S10?

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  • Yes of course. Glass sandwiches need cases. I prefer wallet cases for safety's sake, in case of a drop. When I take it out of the case then I admire the color. When I pay a g-whizz for a phone, damn straight I use a case! I got the prism blue s10+ & the color is beautiful but still prefer a 30.00 wallet case. Safety first, admire it later, yikes!
  • I use an Otterbox Strata case on my 512GB S10 Plus for classy looking front and back protection without a lot of added bulk. I've used these cases for years and have never broken a phone or screen.
  • Yep first thing I done. Had an Otterbox case free from my carrier when purchased. Not taking any chances with my butter fingers.
  • I'm using an Aeska Ultra [Slim Thin] Flexible TPU case with my S10.