There are now like a million different phone plans from a bunch of different companies. And you can buy an unlocked version of most any phone that will work on one or more of them.

That's good stuff! When there are more choices for any type of service, companies have to find ways to entice us to pick what they have to offer over what the other guy has. Companies fighting over our business means better service and cheaper prices, and who doesn't love both?

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At AC, we've been talking about carrier plans and unlocked phones that can be used to jump between them for a while because it's something a lot of us actually do. And we're seeing more and more interest in it every day.

With this in mind, we want to do up a little informal poll.

Take a second and visit this post in the forums. Vote in the poll so we all have a general idea of how many of us are at least thinking of making a change, then be sure to talk about why you answered the way you did in the replies.

AC Forums: Are you thinking about switching your carrier?

Discussing all the pros and cons and various reasons for or against is bound to be a great conversation and maybe we can all find out ways to get more while paying less!

Alternative carriers (MVNOS)


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