Are you still hopeful that Samsung will release a Note 21 or Note 21 Ultra this year?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs. Note 20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs. Note 20 Ultra (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

Ever since the Galaxy S21 Ultra was released with S Pen support, there have been all kinds of rumors and speculation as to whether or not Samsung will continue the Note line that has produced many of the best Android phones of the last decade. Some think that Samsung will keep the series alive, at least with an Ultra model, while others think it will be phased out to bring S Pen support to more models like the S and Flip/Fold series.

That got some of our AC forum members wondering if they should hold out hope for a Note 21 or Note 21 Ultra. Here's what some of them had to say:

I know we don't know if this handset will even be released this year, but with the S21 out the door and with what 5 months off the usual Note Release time of August should we not be seeing leaks, renders etc about now? I'm beginning to think the rumours are true and it might not happen this year.


I thought Samsung already denied it was being canceled?


The Note line has been rumored going away for 5 years, I won't believe it unless Samsung confirms it.


It's definitely not a good sign that there's leaks already on the S21FE, the fold 3, but nothing on the note 21. I know I have friends that are waiting on buying a phone until they know if there's going to be a note 21. One is going to buy the note 20 if there is no note 21. The yearly note is going away rumor is a little stronger this year.


If we do get a Note21 Ultra, it'll definitely be the last. But yes, the lack of leaks is quite concerning...


Now, we want to hear from you — Are you still hopeful that Samsung will release a Note 21 or Note 21 Ultra this year?

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  • I'm hoping for a Note 21. I love my Note 10+ but these camera arrays today are amazing. And a 40MP front facing camera, yes please. I'm not concerned about battery size, I want internal S-Pen storage and the most recent camera setup. And of course plenty of storage, 512GB at least. I just wish they would confirm yay or nay so I can just buy this S21 Ultra 512GB.
  • Why would you not be concerned about battery size? I certainly would be if I was in the market for a new phone but I'm very happy with my S20 FE.
  • Hey Beno what made you go for a galaxy phone after hating Samsung for so long?
  • I was impressed with One UI and it was the Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy S20 FE that won me over and I'm really enjoying my S20 FE along with One UI and wonder why I resisted Samsung for so long. I'm officially done with Apple and selling my 11 Pro Max once it's paid off, I'm even getting a Galaxy Tab S7 plus next month, loving the cool features and customisations in One UI 3.1 (got the update last week). Samsung has made a huge fan out of me.
  • I'm waiting for something official from Samsung. Here's what I believe: I believe that it's at least true that Samsung would like ween its customers off the Note phones and onto the S Ultra phones. This is why I believe that the S-21 Ultra came with S-Pen support. They want their customers to see the S-21 Ultra as a more advanced Note 20 Ultra. I believe that the reason we haven't heard anything official from Samsung is because this is a trial run to see how many customers bite. If enough customers switch over, they might kill off the Note. I'm not budging until I hear it from the horse's mouth. If they do kill off the Note, I'm not buying a new phone this year, and next year, I will consider my options, like the One Plus - they have been doing an amazing job. They're coming for Sammy and every year they get closer and closer. And as far as the lack of leaks go... Come on people. Y'all don't believe those "leaks" of the past were genuine leaks do you? They're marketing ploys to get us all excited about their products. If these companies really want to keep things under wraps, they would not leak so easily.
  • I feel the same, if confirmed I will be looking at different brands
  • I don't believe there'll be a Note 21 Ultra. I'm waiting and if there's none I'll use my Note 10 Plus as long as possible. I still refuse to buy the Note 20 Ultra or S21 Ultra.
  • I was hoping for the Note 21 until the S21 came out without micro SD slot or MST. So it doesn't matter if it comes out or now not. I won't be buying a smartphone this year for the first time since 2010. I'll keep my Note 20. That's how important micro SD and MST are to me. Screw you Samsung!
  • I am hopeful but those lack of planned leaks or "strategic advertising" is a troubling sign that it may not come.