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Android updates may not be the most glamorous thing to talk about, but they're arguably one of the most important things you should consider when buying a new phone. Some companies have proven to be better or worse than others when it comes to pushing out fast and reliable updates, which is essential if you plan on keeping your device for the long-term.

Samsung is a perfect example of a company that used to be kind of awful with its updates, but over the last couple of years, has gotten a lot better. We recently gave it a B- for its update performance, praising Samsung for the speedy updates it provides to its flagship phones while wishing for that same level of support for its lower-cost models.

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A few members in our AC forums have also got to talking about how they think Samsung does with its updates, with their comments being as follows:

Maher Salfiti

I had the Pixel 2XL and got security patches and OS updates like clockwork. I bought a Samsung S20 Plus when it came out and, to my surprise, updates came pretty quickly for March and April.... Then nothing. Haven't seen May or June. I've heard there is an update for the unlocked models, but I'm on Verizon, who butts their noses in the updates, and I've seen other carrier models with similar...

Kizzy Catwoman

I have an unlocked S10+ Exynos version. I have had regular updates every month (2 in June) and when I got my phone in January it upgraded immediately to Android 10 and I got OneUI 2.1 a month or so later after the S20 came out. I have had a Pixel 2xl and a 4xl and I thought I wouldn't get such regular updates from Samsung but I was wrong. Yes. I will have to wait later for Android 11 on...


I understand what you are saying about update reliability and consistency. Coming from a Pixel 2, I was concerned that my S10 wouldn't get updates as quickly. I believe Samsung has improved in this regard - updates seem to be longer-lasting and more frequent - but I think your carrier and whether or not your phone is an unlocked model also play a role. Since I bought my phone locked to a...


Samsung has gotten better no question about that , but your only getting 2 years software and 3 years security , if you looking longer then your other option are your best bet .


What do you think? Are you happy with how Samsung handles software updates?

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