Are there any cases for the RED Hydrogen One?

Best answer: Not at the moment, and there likely won't be many even after launch. RED says that the Hydrogen One is built to be rugged and withstand most wear and tear without a case — but Skinomi offers protective skins and screen protectors.

Amazon: Skinomi TechSkin ($16)

Why can't I get a case for my expensive new phone?

The Hydrogen One is massive, heavy, and built like a tank, with Kevlar panels on the backside and either an aluminum or titanium construction, depending on the model you purchase. It's one of the sturdiest-feeling phones on the market, and the ridged grips along the sides make it easier to hold onto to prevent accidental drops.

That being said, things still happen, and you might want to protect your $1,300 investment, no matter how durable the exterior may be. Unfortunately, there aren't any cases at the moment, even from third-party accessory makers. That might not be changing any time soon — RED doesn't think cases are necessary for the Hydrogen One.

What are my other options?

For the time being, the only protective accessories available for the Hydrogen One are a handful of skins and screen protectors from Skinomi. While a skin for the back of the phone won't keep the sides safe, it'll at least keep your Kevlar and metal backing from getting scratched and scuffed. You can either get a clear skin or style your phone with themed designs like wood, carbon fiber, or brushed steel.

Hayato Huseman

Hayato was a product reviewer and video editor for Android Central.