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Archos' ChefPad is an Android tablet for your kitchen

Budget tablet with a focus on cookery

If you've ever wanted a tablet designed especially for your kitchen, Archos has a product that might be worth a look. The newly-announced Archos ChefPad is a budget-level Android tablet with a 9.7-inch XGA screen, an adjustable stand and silicone case to protect against splashes. Archos also has also loaded it up with a selection of cooking apps and suitably foody wallpaper.

The ChefPad is powered by an unnamed dual-core 1.6GHz CPU and Mali 400MP GPU, with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, expandable via microSD slot. On the software side it's running a pretty vanilla-looking Android 4.1 Jelly Bean UI with Google Play.

The food-centric tablet is due to become available from June, with prices starting at $209.99 from the company's online store.

Source: Archos

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  • Makes me think of the video of the old guy who received an iPad and used it as a cutting board.
  • I was just going to say, I hope this acts a s a cutting board too because it seems completely pointless.
  • Not sure I see your view of it being pointless. That's a cheap 10" tablet that would be good to just leave in the kitchen. Now, throw in the Air View gestures from Samsung and then you've got a reasonable kitchen tablet. That's really the main place messy hands won't be able to touch a tablet.
  • How is it pointless? It's a cheap tablet that you can buy specifically for using in the kitchen as recipe viewer, at a little over $200, it's very reasonable. Assuming it performs fast enough to do the job (you won't be playing games on this thing), and is somewhat water proof, it's an excellent product. If they have any air gestures so you can use it with dirty hands, even better. There's a decent sized market for this.
  • Pointless? I actually thought it was a good idea. Our old 10" tablet gets used a lot in the kitchen for providing recipe instruction. The biggest issue is that the rounded plastic back cover means it slides and wobbles and spins around when trying to maneuver it by pushing bowls and containers around on the counter-top. Yeah, if your time in the kitchen is limited to throwing the bag from Wendy's in the kitchen trash, this wouldn't make sense. If you actually have used a tablet in the kitchen, it makes a lot more sense. -Suntan
  • If all you're doing is looking up recipes, you might as well get one of those really cheap, sub $100 ones. Here's one for $40
  • I'm not at all convinced that the tablet you linked to is up to the job of looking up recipes.
  • in fact i'm pretty sure its not o_O
  • I always thought one with a strong magnet to stick to fridge would be good. I'd create a custom launcher/skin with easy way to access things such as recipes, family calendar, chore chart, picture galary, notepad/messages, baby sitter instructions, contacts. Basically a place for all that stuff that lands on the fridge or kitchen counter.
  • You just gave me an idea. If I use my tablet for cooking it's always either in the way or I can't remember where I set it down. If I could attach it to the fridge it would always be in a reasonably good spot. Now to figure out just how to do it...
  • That is just Genius.
    Let's see who comes up with this for the retail market. It beats the heck out of all my fridge magnets!
    Off to try and work something out......
  • You can't have a magnet that close to a CPU. It'll destroy it. They have tablet stands with splash guards.