Some YouTube Music users notice new personalized Spring Recap '22 playlist

YouTube Music
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What you need to know

  • YouTube Music appears to be rolling out a new "Spring Recap '22" to some users.
  • It follows the 2021 Recap that launched late last year, presumably highlighting streaming stats from the season.
  • Users will be able to share their various stats or download them onto their devices.

Google might be looking to make its YouTube Music Recap a more frequent offering as users start noticing a new update to the feature. The latest version will apparently be called "Spring Recap '22," suggesting we might get more of these each season.

The feature doesn't appear to be widely available, but one Reddit user (via 9to5Google) was able to take screenshots of their Spring Recap, which appeared via a banner on the YouTube Music home page. From the looks of it, the feature will include stats for various metrics like top artists, top songs, top genres, and more.

Each metric will include a download button to save the image to an Android phone or iOS device, while a share button will allow you to send it directly to your friends and family.

(Image credit: Reddit: u/BlaBlaMukul)

While the original Reddit poster could find the banner in their YouTube Music app, another was apparently able to access it by clicking on the 2021 Recap. You can find this by clicking on your Google account thumbnail in the top right corner of the app. Unfortunately, this hasn't worked for me, as it still shows my 2021 year-end stats. The person who originally accessed it this way also says that the new spring stats eventually disappeared for them.

Last year's 2021 Recap took some time before it rolled out to more users after it was initially spotted. It followed similar offerings from some of the best music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. If Google does intend to introduce a Spring Recap '22, it seems likely the search giant will announce it soon, particularly given that spring is nearing its end. Of course, it also seems likely that it could be called Fall Recap '22, depending on where you are in the world.

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