YouTube Music is making playlists stand out on the home tab

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What you need to know

  • YouTube Music seems to be rolling out a new design for playlists on the home page.
  • The new look displays a new playlist card that shows more details of a playlist.
  • It provides information about a playlist's creator, song count, three songs from the playlist, and quick action buttons.

YouTube Music currently shows playlists in the same way as it does other groups of songs on the home tab, but they may be getting a new look soon. The service appears to be pushing a new home page design for playlists that displays them as cards with more information.

As spotted by 9to5Google, some users have apparently gained access to YouTube Music's new card that makes playlists look more prominent on the home tab. It is currently unknown how widely available the new design is, as it is presumably still in testing.

For those who are fortunate to see the nifty refresh, the app should now display a playlist card in the home feed with a playlist art on the top left corner, playlist owner, song count, and three songs included in the playlist. At the bottom sits a row of action buttons that let you play a song, start the radio, and add a song to your own playlist.

If this rolls out to the public, it will mark a huge step up from the typical home screen design of tabs, in which only carousels with album art and artists are displayed. It will make it easier to discover songs included in a playlist instead of just seeing the artist. In other words, it can act as an icebreaker for an otherwise monotonous home page layout.

YouTube Music playlist card

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The service has undergone various changes in the past, with a focus on making discovery much easier for subscribers in order to compete with the best music streaming apps. YouTube Music recently improved its song radio algorithm to help you discover new artists, among other things.

Last year, the service added a playlist discoverability feature that recommends a mix of curated and user-generated playlists at the bottom of your personal playlists.

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