Windows 11 is kicking Android app support to the curb

Windows 11 with Android apps
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft states it will end support for Android app on Windows 11 on March 5, 2025.
  • The company states users can still download and use apps downloaded through the Amazon App Store and interact with support until the given deadline.
  • Microsoft has not said why it decided to end Android app support. However, users can still use Windows Phone Link as an alternative.

Microsoft is reportedly done with Android. According to its latest announcement, users have until 2025 before app support disappears.

According to a developer update, Microsoft is preparing to end Android app support for Windows 11 through its Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) on March 5, 2025 (via Windows Central). This means that Microsoft will no longer support apps available on the Amazon Appstore for Windows once this date arrives.

The company states that all apps and games that depend on its subsystem for Android apps will no longer work after the given date. However, users have one year from today to continue using their apps on Windows and speak with Microsoft's support for assistance.

The post ends by saying, "We are grateful for the support of our developer community and remain committed to listening to feedback as we evolve experiences." Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't explain the reasoning behind its cancellation of Android app support in Windows.

Our friends at Windows Central have an idea, stating it's likely that the service wasn't entirely popular enough for Microsoft to continue investing resources into it.

Microsoft first brought native support for Android apps to Windows 11 back in 2021. The service enabled users on Windows PCs to discover popular Android apps via the Microsoft Store and download them via the Amazon App Store. The company continued to plug away at refining and updating the service back in 2022 when WSA saw its most significant update.

The update improved app integration and communication within the Windows software and included better representation of Android apps, which made them feel like they were always there.

With Microsoft's WSA disappearing from PCs in March 2025, users are simply left with picking up their Android phones or tablets for what they require. Or, users could utilize Windows' Phone Link to make calls and see notifications without needing their phone.

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