WhatsApp now lets you sign into your account on multiple smartphones

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What you need to know

  • WhatsApp rolls out an update, letting users sign into their account on more than one phone.
  • Users can pick up on their chats right where they left off along with end-to-end encryption for their private talks.
  • If the primary device has been inactive for 14 days, WhatsApp will sign all of your companion devices out.

WhatsApp is removing a major restriction from the app, giving users a bit more freedom to sign in with their accounts. The company stated in a blog post that starting Tuesday, users can sign in to more than one smartphone with their WhatsApp account. The update is starting to roll out globally, and users should expect to see the function in the weeks ahead. It will work with Android and iOS phones.

WhatsApp's multi-device support was first introduced in 2021 but was limited to other devices, such as computers. This update expands the capability to up to four smartphones, which will link to your primary device to ensure your private messages, media, and calls remain end-to-end encrypted. The Meta-owned company states you can switch between phones without signing out, and you can pick up your chats with people exactly where you left them.

WhatsApp sees this benefiting small businesses, as well, considering anyone can use their own phone to respond to customers while using the company account.

WhatsApp now lets users sign into multiple phones with their account.

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Linking an additional phone (or a few) is fairly simple, as WhatsApp detailed on an updated support page. The page details that if your primary WhatsApp device hasn't been used in 14 days, your companion devices will be automatically signed out. Live location and status features are also unavailable on linked devices, as well.

WhatsApp mentions there is a bit more users can expect with this update. The company has included an alternative way of linking companion devices. Instead of scanning the required QR Code, there's an added option where users can enter their phone number on WhatsApp Web to receive a code that can be entered on their desired companion device.

WhatsApp inclusion of more smartphones was previewed during a beta test late last year. Now, users can decide whether they'd like more phones, tablets, or desktop devices to be a part of their four companion device limit. Users should also keep their eyes on a new feature WhatsApp rolled out a few days ago that allows you to save disappearing messages — so long as the person you're talking to is okay with that.

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