Threads gains an 'edit' button with no paywall

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What you need to know

  • Threads' official account and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the rollout of an edit button and Voice posts on the platform.
  • Users will have five minutes to edit their posts or replies, and they will be marked with a pencil icon.
  • The Voice threads option lets the user record their voice instead of typing, and the platform will automatically transcribe what was said, as well.

New features are beginning to arrive for users of Threads, Meta's X (formerly Twitter) competitor, which brings it one step further to feature parity with the Musk-owned social platform. The official Threads account, in conjunction with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has announced the arrival of an edit button and Voice threads.

For the edit button, the platform explains users can tap the three-dot menu option on a post or a reply of theirs. You will have five minutes to go back and edit any typos, misspellings, or total foolishness before it's there forever. Posts that have been edited will be marked with a pencil icon accompanied by a subtle swirl.

Additionally, Voice threads have landed on the social media platform, giving users a new way of interacting with the masses. This method can be found by locating a microphone icon when posting a new Thread or when replying to an existing one.

The official account adds that users on mobile can press and hold the icon or tap to begin recording their voice. Once that's done, Threads will auto-generate captions if others cannot afford to listen to what you're saying. You will have a chance to edit its auto-generated text to avoid confusion before posting.

Additionally, Threads states that sound for Voice posts is muted by default, and users can only listen in to one at a time. In testing, both features are appearing on our Android devices, so users should begin seeing them throughout the day, as well.

Rumors in the latter half of September suggested Threads was working on an edit button similar to what we see on X. However, it's notable that the rollout comes without any sort of paywall, unlike X, which introduced the edit feature last year behind its Blue subscription plan. That said, Meta's version provides less time to go back and edit than what X provides.

Moreover, the platform has done so less than a month after its previous addition of a profile switcher. This is all likely a part of Threads' efforts to boost the available features it has on its platform (which launched pretty barebones) as it searches for ways to retain users after a staggering loss during the summer.


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If you're on the hunt for a new and exciting social media platform, Threads has a great chance to be just that. 

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