Telegram launches a new editor to create custom stickers

Telegram Sticker editor
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What you need to know

  • Telegram launches a Sticker Editor — a new way to create personal stickers
  • The created stickers can be combined into a sticker set, which can be shared with other users.
  • Telegram also has plans to bring 16 new features to the platform later this month. 

Telegram is introducing a new ability to the popular messaging platform that lets anyone quickly create stickers and entire sticker sets — thanks to a new editor.

In the announcement blog post, Telegram explains how the feature works and shows it in action. Users easily choose any photo from their device's gallery and "add text, drawings — or countless animated stickers, emojis and GIFs that exist on the platform." For instance, a simple cat photo can be turned into visual art without much user effort.

Users can further pick a photo, and with a single tap, they can "cut out objects and remove background." They can also manually erase parts in a photo or restore them and even add an outline to get the "classic sticker look," notes Telegram.

Users can head over to the app's keyboard, open the stickers pane, and click the "+" button, which eventually opens up the new sticker tool. Once a sticker is created, they can send it or add all similar stickers to a separate sticker set, which can be pulled up whenever required, just like emojis.

The feature works similarly to the WhatsApp photo editor, allowing users to generate stickers from their device's albums. Google Messages has a similar feature called Photomoji that lets users react to messages using photos or send them as stickers.

The sticker set can be created, and Telegram will utilize the app's AI to suggest different emoji that correspond to the image, which can then be selected in a chat the next time you use a particular emoji.

"On Telegram, emojis act as shortcuts for stickers. When you type an emoji in a chat, Telegram automatically offers matching stickers you can send."

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging platforms and has featured stickers for a little less than a decade now. However, this new ability to create your versions is a refreshing change to add more personality to conversations. Users can combine the existing and new ones into a single pack under themed collections.

Moreover, once a user creates stickers and puts them in a sticker set, they can further share them with other users through a "" link, which lets other Telegram users add them to their accounts. The new update also adds "neat link previews for all sticker and emoji sets."

In addition to stickers, Telegram says it further has plans to announce at least 16 new features to the messaging platform later this month.

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