Spotify takes your music from day to night with the new 'daylist'

Spotify on the Pixel 4 XL.
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What you need to know

  • Spotify introduces a new 'daylist' playlist for Free and Premium users.
  • It's a dynamic playlist that changes throughout the day or on different days of the week.
  • It provides fresh music and personalized album art and is easily shareable.

Spotify has introduced yet another playlist option for users who listen to music on the streaming platform on a daily basis. To help match your mood throughout the day, Spotify has developed a new playlist dubbed "dailylist."

In the announcement post, Spotify notes that the daylist translates to "your day in a playlist," and is considered a one-of-kind-playlist, including a mix of all kinds of songs that match users' vibes, moods, and the music they listen to in specific moments throughout the day or in a week.

Spotify Daylist

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"It updates frequently between sunup and sundown with a series of highly specific playlists made for every version of you. It's hyper-personalized, dynamic, and playful as it reflects what you want to be listening to right now."

Every update of the daylist includes new tracks and relatively suitable titles will be showcased in each curated playlist and aims to help set the mood for the particular time of day. Examples include thrill wave, happy dance, pumpkin spice, and more.

Spotify further allows users to save the new daylist to their existing playlists; however, users must be quick in adding it because daylist updates multiple times a day, which will make it difficult to find tracks from the previous daylist tracks.

Users interested in sharing their daylists can do so through a ready-made screenshot of the daylist. Additionally, Spotify provides "a social media sticker that captures the essence of your daylist." Additionally, a changing sharecard features different background graphics based on the time of day users choose to share the playlist.

The feature is currently being rolled out for regions including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. Users can head over to to access their new playlist. Alternatively, users can find it on the "Made For You" hub on the music streaming service, and users on desktop or the web can search for "dalylist." The new playlist will be available for free and premium versions of the Spotify app. 

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