Snapchat introduces Director Mode, a unique array of tools to help creators stand out

Snapchat's new Director Mode for creators.
(Image credit: Snap)

Update (Oct 27 6.45 pm ET): Updated to reflect iOS and Android availability.

What you need to know

  • Snap launches Director Mode for Snapchat globally on Android and iOS devices.
  • The new feature brings in helpful tools for creators to craft unique snaps that standout.
  • Creators can also utilize Snap's Dual Camera feature to create snaps with both their front and back cameras.

Snap has finally launched the long-awaited Director Mode feature for creators on Snapchat.

Snap announces that Director Mode brings a new set of camera and editing tools to Snapchat. The new tools aim to bring an easier experience when polishing content or to even enhance any of those little moments throughout your life that could grab an audience on the platform.

Snapchat's Director Mode is now available globally for users on iOS, although availability is limited on Android phones, where it will roll out fully in the coming months. Users can find its icon in the camera toolbar or by tapping the "Create" button in Spotlight.

As creators open up Director Mode, they'll find a way to seamlessly transform their background with Green Screen mode. The Quick Edit feature lets you take and edit multiple snaps, along with controlling the tempo of your snap with Camera Speed.

Also within Director Mode is Snap's recently launched Dual Camera feature. This lets users utilize both their front-facing camera and the shooter on the back of their phone simultaneously for a snap. While Dual Camera is available globally for iOS devices, this feature will move into limited Android availability in the next few weeks.

Snap states it is "committed to rewarding creators for their contributions - from Spotlight Challenges where Snapchatters in the U.S. can win cash prizes for the best submissions, to the millions of dollars we make available for the top Spotlight Snaps, our 523 accelerator for Black content creators, our mid-roll ad program for Snap Stars and much more."

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