Slack to increase subscription prices for the first time this September

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What you need to know

  • Slack announced new changes to its pricing this week, which will go into effect from September 1, 2022.
  • Annual and Monthly Pro members using the service must pay a little extra per user as Slack increases investments into its service.
  • Free Slack users are also getting new features.

Slack has announced changes in the pricing of its plans that will take effect from September 1 this year. The company is increasing its subscription plan for Pro users for the first time, while free users seem to be in for a treat as they are about to get additional features in terms of storage and message limits.

Early this week, Slack — the collaboration hub for many individuals and professionals, shed information on its price changes in an accompanying blog post. It mentions that the platform has seen several changes since its launch in 2014, including new offerings, flexible tools, app integrations, security features, and workflows. The company believes that it has evolved from just being an instant messaging platform to an indispensable digital HQ. It also suggests that it has become a hub for hundreds of thousands of consumers who often connect on the platform daily.

The first increase of the Pro subscription plan is also said to be part of an investment for the company to innovate more in the coming future. Starting from September 1, the cost of yearly Pro memberships will rise from $6.67 to $7.25 per user each month, and monthly Pro subscriptions will rise from $8 to $8.75. Here's a list of all plans shortlisted according to region. 

Slack New Plans 2022

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The current annual Pro subscription members can extend the same prices for their plans for another year if they renew it before September 1. Similarly, the current monthly Pro tier members can lock the current annual Pro price if they shift from monthly to yearly before the above-outlined timeframe.

Free users, on the other hand, get an exclusive paid subscription feature starting this September. The feature, dubbed Clips, lets users send audio, video, and screen share messages through DMs or channels. Moreover, free team users also set a retention period for their messages and files older than 90 days.

The users who previously had a 10,000 message limit and 5GB of storage cap now get full access to the "past 90 days of message history and file storage." This means users can get to older messages or files whenever they need for 90 days and not just limit themselves to the limits mentioned above message and file limit caps.

Irrespective of tier, Slack has been one of the best messaging platforms since its launch — for Android devices or iPhone users. Despite the increase in subscription plans, Slack assures to add value and new features to all subscription models, including the free tier, going forward.

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