Samsung details One UI 5 (Android 13), says it will arrive 'in upcoming weeks'

Samsung's new One UI 5 software.
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What you need to know

  • Samsung's One UI 5 (Android 13) will arrive in the weeks ahead.
  • The OS update will bring a host of updates to provide users with a completely personalized experience along with improved security measures.
  • One UI 5 also brings in tools to reduce widgets cluttering your screen along with device switching for your Buds.

One UI 5 is arriving soon and is offering a brand-new experience for its users to customize and enjoy.

According to Samsung, it's One UI 5 software, a skin atop Android 13, will be rolling out to devices in the weeks ahead. For the time being, we’re getting some information regarding what users can expect when the download hits their phones.

Material You themes on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

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The Korean OEM states that One UI 5 is its “most personalized experience yet.” With that, we begin with how the coming OS update can match your lifestyle. The new update will introduce Routines, a sequence of actions you will be able to trigger based on your activities. Additionally, One UI 5’s Modes will allow users to create customized settings at different times throughout their life. An example given is if you’re taking a run, you’d probably want to silence those notifications to fully tune into your music.

The new OS update will provide users with a revamped look and feel for users. Samsung says the new UI should feel more welcoming and seamless while providing bolder, simpler app icons that fall right into the new color schemes. The software also brings in refined notifications, which should make them more intuitive and effortless to read with a glance. The touch-ups have also made their way to the pop-up call buttons, which gain more defined answer and decline buttons.

To truly create a personalized experience, One UI 5 brings in the popular Video Wallpaper from the Lockstar of Good app. This feature will allow users to trim down a video and turn it into a moving remembrance piece right on your lock screen. Users will also find additional customization options such as new clock styles, notification pop-ups, and the ability to decide what your lock screen’s wallpaper should be.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra's display

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It’s inevitable that our home screen gets a little cluttered. Samsung is looking to reduce that a bit by introducing Stack widgets. This will allow you to drag and drop widgets atop one another, along with the ability to swipe through them after. There is also the inclusion of Smart suggestions for widgets. The Korean OEM states that this feature will learn about you through your habits and will automatically suggest apps and actions to offer a completely personalized experience.

Users can also extract text from images, allowing them to quickly grab information from a poster while they’re out to save as a note or to share. Samsung has also redone the Connected devices menu. With its new iteration, users can access features such as Quick Share, Smart View, and Samsung DeX. Users will also find a new Auto switch Buds menu that will enable them to switch their Galaxy Buds 2 Pro from one device to another in a seamless transition.

One UI 5's new security alert if you are about to share sensitive data via an image.

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To ensure Samsung’s users feel safe and secure on their phones, the One UI 5 update brings in a new security and privacy dashboard. You will be able to quickly see and understand your device’s status by seeing an entire overview of its security. The new OS will also offer suggested security actions depending on your phone’s status. One UI 5 will have your back with its new notification on the Share Panel feature. This will alert you if you’re about to share a photo that may contain sensitive data such as your credit/debit card number, driver’s license, social security card, or your passport.

Lastly, One UI 5 is introducing Bixby Text Call. This feature will give users the option of answering a phone call with a message. Bixby will convert the text into an audio message and will then share it directly with whoever is calling you. When that person answers, Bixby will convert the audio into a text message to display for you. While this feature for Bixby is already live for those in Korea, an English version is planned to release in 2023 through a One UI update.

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