Samsung Food is AI-driven with tailored recipes to fit dietary needs

The launch of the Samsung Food app.
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What you need to know

  • Samsung launches a Food app driven by AI, providing users with over 160,000 recipes that can be easily converted into convenient shopping lists.
  • The app's AI Food software comes in to convert a recipe to fit a user's specific dietary requirements, swap out ingredients, and more.
  • Users can sync the app with their Bespoke Oven to pre-heat, input cooking settings, and set a timer.

Eat right and stay healthy as Samsung announces a new app taking strides toward helping consumers find new food.

The Korean OEM's launch of Samsung Food is detailed in a Newsroom post as an app consumers can bring into the kitchen for an eating experience powered by AI. Leaning on Whisk, a smart food platform, Samsung was able to leverage its database to deliver over 160,000 recipes for users with the option of saving their favorites to a "digital recipe box."

Samsung Food will analyze saved recipes to organize and convert them into easy-to-read shopping lists. The company will soon extend the Food app's support to its Bespoke Family Hub refrigerators, too, providing users with recipe recommendations based on available items.

Samsung Food lets users discover over 160,000 recipes with the ability of tailoring them to specific dietary needs.

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Recipes are personalized through Food AI as, after enabling, the app will alter the contents of a recipe to fit into a user's specific dietary needs. Samsung explains users can change a recipe that had previously called for meat into one that fits the criteria of a vegan or vegetarian meal.

Similarly, Food AI can swap out ingredients with consideration to what consumers have in their homes or for a more nutritious experience.

And, if fusion dishes are your thing, Samsung Food will incorporate flavors from two different cultures and provide the appropriate cook times, as well.

Samsung Food gathers user data to offer daily dietary suggestions and a food plan for the week.

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An individual's dietary requirements, data, and favorite dishes are taken into account by Food AI to deliver personalized daily meal plans. Through this, users can dig a little deeper to find the nutritional benefits of certain ingredients, with the added ability to shop at retailers directly from the app to purchase goods.

With items in hand, Samsung states its Food app can connect to a user's home appliances. Cooking settings, timers, and the ability to pre-heat an oven are all possible from Samsung Food on your Android phone. Initially, Samsung will provide support for its Bespoke Oven, with plans to incorporate its Bespoke induction ranges and microwaves by the end of 2023.

While new features and services are in the pipeline, the company plans to work Samsung Health into the Food app, which will return suggestions on how to manage one's diet alongside their workout routines.

Vision AI technology is set to arrive on the Food app in 2024, giving users a way to photograph food and ingredients and instantly discover core details about those items. Users will then be able to save that dish's recipe, and the app can generate a shopping list based on the picture, as well.

Those interested can sign up to download Samsung Food on any smartphone. The app is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Korean.

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